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The lover has thrown out the lover from a balcony

the Love triangle Robert - Alla - Vladimir has arisen when the husband of the femme fatale has once again got into prison. Before rivals happened at home at a couple of Ermukovyh, but on position true friends : the master of the house has got acquainted with each of them during next otsidki. On this companionable sit-round gathering it, probably, also Alla - the woman has attracted, according to its acquaintances, very interesting .

Having waited, when the place near to it will be free, Vladimir under a specious excuse postrichsja it was declared to Alla home on Charles Marx`s prospectus. Some hours have long-sufferingly stayed in a corner, waiting, while Alla will finish all affairs. But here on a room threshold there was hot man Robert Kavkinadze. In a trice having estimated conditions, the mountaineer has pulled out the laid up bottle of vodka and has invited the fair company for a table.

peacefully to sit it it was not possible. At any moment it seemed to Vladimir that Alla and Robert obviously sympathise each other. Without wishing to concede to the rival, he has demanded, that the woman has gone to it home. And when that has refused, has struck it on the person. The southern man of such impudence has not endured and has turned out Vladimir. Itself has gone to the nearest shop for an additive on the way having taken with itself the acquaintance.

fun proceeded till the evening. All this time the offended Vladimir wandered on vicinities, bearing the plan to sweep. Robert raged also:

- I will kill him!!! - he shouted at all house, swinging a knife.

these wails have strongly frightened 20 - the summer daughter of the mistress of apartment where Alla rented a room. Having felt that good it will not come to an end, the girl of a visor of the brother and the little sister and has gone on street to wait for parents.

there she also has come across Vladimir who tore to return to the beloved.

- do not go there, - she has tried to bring to reason him. - there is nothing you to do there.

- I time five returned it literally from a door, - the girl told then on court. - and it has all the same gone...

as soon as Vladimir has come into a room, Robert has seized for a knife and with shout She is my woman! rezanul the rival on the person and a neck. Vladimir has fallen, and Robert has dragged it for feet on a balcony and in the face of all present has thrown off downwards from the third floor. Then has ordered to Alla to wash away blood on a floor, itself has gone out of doors.

there was no it of minutes ten. In this time, as it was then found out, the hot man has dragged killed in the nearest garages. But has hidden unreliably: early in the morning the victim was found out by neighbours. And a blood pool under a balcony and the shouts all the day long reaching from apartment 55, have prompted to militiamen where to search for the murderer.

as one would expect, on court Robert Kavkinadze guilty itself did not recognise. As he said left that from a balcony Vladimir has fallen itself, receding from the opponent going on it. But when the judge has sentenced it to term for two years smaller, than the public prosecutor asked, and has given to it in total 12 years, very much was delighted:

- Well here, I there though from all of you will have a rest, - the southerner has thrown at parting.