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Vladimir Kadannikov helps Fathers Frost

the New teleproject - a radio gift to townspeople to future feasts - have started on GTRK Samara . As well as last time, it will be a film - a fairy tale. Only now TV men have decided to become wizards and to carry out children`s dreams of adult uncles. After all even the serious both eternally occupied politicians and businessmen in the childhood by all means wanted to become firemen, militiamen or cosmonauts. Geteerkashniki were called to help the Samara VIP.

one of the first all charm of television magic on itself was experienced by Vladimir Kadannikov. It has appeared that in the childhood he dreamt to be the verifier of cars, and on shootings Last hour December its desire has come true. The chairman of board of directors of joint-stock company Autovases it has appeared very responsible actor. It all night long learnt the role and on shootings dashing shparil the learnt by heart text. Under the scenario Kadannikov should bring up two Fathers Frost. Removed near the main autofactory office. Vladimir Vasilevich was very executive and in all obeyed the director. And passing by employees and simple townspeople, seeing as their chief drives about on to the Guelder-rose joked:

- I do not know that for friends in the car, but the driver at them - Kadannikov there sits!

the enterprises Will be transfigured in this fairy tale not only people, but also. For example, brewery Baltic - Samara in last hour December becomes magic New Year`s office.