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To smoke at height will forbid

on December, 7th all progressive mankind celebrated Day of aircraft. air the heads have congratulated pilots, dispatchers and flight attendants. Have given a surprise and to passengers of planes. However, for many it became unpleasant. Since new year Public service of civil aircraft (GSGA) is going to forbid to smoke Russia on boards of planes of all Russian airlines.

air the heads motivate the decision with that smoking onboard is not encouraged with International Civil Aviation Organization.

today the question - can be smoked onboard or not - solves a management of each of airlines separately. However the majority samartsev to an air interdiction for a bad habit already should reconcile. Leading airline of area - Samara - has entered restrictions on smoking almost two years ago. The majority of representations of other air carriers too are inclined so to consider. And since new year this interdiction becomes obligatory for all. So fans of cigarettes should smoke for the future before a departure. As at the Samara airport of a smoking area to close gathers nobody.


For today from 200 Russian airlines to smoke to the passengers already have forbidden 60 %.

THAT else it is impossible to DO In the PLANE:

- to rise aboard in an alcohol intoxication;
- to take alcoholic drinks in number of more than 300 grammes on the person;
- private persons cannot carry by aboard the weapon;
- to run on salon;
- to use a cellular telephone.


- From the medical point of view can be greeted such decision only, - Julia Bogdanova has told to us managing pulmonologicheskim branch SOKB of Kalinin. - During flight the person is at the big height. There air and so it is rarefied, it is harmful to an organism. And here still a tobacco smoke to inhale! If to pitch a sigarette at such height the risk warmly - vascular complications sharply increases. Smoking in the plane can provoke an attack of a stenocardia or a bronchial asthma. And all these conversations that the smoking person from the urged long abstention can have a stress or the state of health will worsen, have under itself no any basis. To the contrary, it is useful for an organism. And on a broader scale, abstention from smoking during flight can become the first step to at all to throw a bad habit. By the way, and here for those who does not smoke, the urged inhalation of a tobacco smoke, especially at the big height, really is stress.