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Zemfira has started missing on a grass at the house

And musicians Skorpions ate too much of caviar at night and drank vodka

the Free concert of megastars at stadium of Kirov on June, 13th was, perhaps, the most sober for all history. All prihodilosdovolstvovatsja ice-cream and mineral water. oh, and beer - that neprodajut! - the discouraged sighs were heard in crowd.

that stars not ogolodali during a concert, have put to them spetsialnujupalatku where on tables there was a set of appetizers, juice and alcohol.

- and how will be delayed after a concert? At once to sleep? - Have taken an interest at the guitarist Skorpions .

- No! Drink, - that has responded, greedy absorbing a sandwich with a ham.

as one of the first Zemfira acted. It did not come for a long time in Peter, therefore admirers simply squealed from delight. Zema was vmelanholichnom mood, itself has sat down for a synthesizer and has given out songs iznovogo an album. As the concert was not simple, but thematic, against kontrafakta (in Moscow similar will pass on July, 17th) the opinion on piracy disks was to express all zvezdamnado.

- well here we have gathered about it, - has stretched Zemfira under music vritme a blues. - here without words all is clear. Well to do: rich mogutpokupat expensive licence disks, and poor it is necessary pokupatdeshevye piracy. And while the situation will not change...

probably, she meant: while all do not become rich.

by the way, as - that on a question: a leah you Consider yourselves bogatymchelovekom? has responded:

- Yes, I consider, probably, the rich person, time I can live, as I want.

this time Zemfira has refused flatly interview, and its director rigidly cut feeble efforts.

- well what for to you my interview? - Convinced pevitsaodnogo the telecorrespondent. - Perhaps it is not necessary, and?

In the same way Zema has refused the general supper at restaurant Golden the Scourge nearby to stadium.

- Zemfira not that that not in mood, - have told to us in okruzheniipevitsy. - it is simple at it now the difficult period in life, it long nepokazyvalas on public, worked. Here on a Kinotavr has played yes here has arrived.

but Zemfira well communicated with producers: to see, crisis at it ivpravdu has ended - we are waited by concerts.

then Zema has left in a make-up room and has spent there any time: poklevalasalatiki also has washed down with mineral water, absolutely ignoring alcohol. Hotjapredvaritelno has reserved it enough - a bottle to cognac Hennessi and whisky CHivas soldom. The group " has just stepped on the stage; Earth dwellers izemfira, having thrown all affairs, has gone to listen before a scene. From crowd eezashchishchalo only a protection, and admirers began so furiously to shout, chtochut have not muffled music. The singer at first pretended that does not notice, apotom, without having sustained, has gone to listen for side scenes, having hidden zabolshim the screen.

as soon as earth dwellers have sung the Grass udoma Zema has left at once in hostel. For a supper in Golden the Scourge have called in only Rasmus Darren Hejz and Kardigans . By turns. Everyone has spent there sovsemnemnogo time though their tables and have fenced off from the basic hall, where mogzajti any interested person. Nina from Kardigans poelasalatikov which prevailed on tables.

- as it is beautiful! - she has told, having led round a hand coast of gulf of Finland shined with the sunset sun.

there, by the way, the walking steam-ship " at this time sank; Ruslan .

Number of imperial style in the Grandee - hotel Europe in which lived Skorpions .


Same unsociable as Zema, has appeared also Klaus Main: kategoricheskiotkazalsja to go for the general supper.
- at us the affairs, - musicians have explained. And after vystuplenijaotpravilis a huge train in hostel.
- Klaus, and as all - taki about elections Ms. Skorpions ? - Before their part zavelimy the favourite song.
- what Ms. Skorpions ? - sdelaludivlennoe the person the mister Main. - I do not know anything about it!
- well as, in other cities chose the most beautiful girl, and vpitere have not wanted! Why?
the Soloist only has artfully smiled.

musicians of group Skorpions have stopped in nomerahotelja Europe . Have chosen suites in nedavnootrestavrirovannom a hostel wing. rokery long considered detaliinterera. To look was on what - in numbers skorpov ancient imperial style predominated. In rooms where the group has taken place, all was top-level - the beds equipped with hypoallergenic mattresses, and the furniture made in one of restoration masterful Peterburgaindividualno for each room. Besides, in suites bylimini - bars (musicians their order have devastated), plasma panels, cosmetic sets and massage armchairs. Speak, on one of takihsolist groups with pleasure has luxuriated after a concert.

musicians in one of hostel restaurants had dinner. Bolshevsego Germans liked an institution with the dishes of Russian cuisine prepared under ancient recipes. After a concert musicians, despite later time, have decided to have a bite in the hotel. Napravilisv the caviar bar - it should be opened specially for them. Over zakazomrokery thought not for long - have reserved vodka and some grades of caviar.

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