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When at ours “ pilots “ wings will grow?

Russian cσοεπλθγΰ groans under a shod boot “ Red army “. Capital CSKA has not lost till today any match. Yes that there Russia! The basketball Euroleague bites the dust before soldiers of Ivkovicha. Nevertheless the Samara pilots excited with recent success on the World games of military men (bronze!) Have dared to attempt on sacred and have pulled about nerves to grandees. However, this noble sincere impulse lasted few minutes. Muscovites, being in the rank of unconditional favourites, have dared to begin a match with indulgent valjazhnostju. A pier, we on - bratski will shower them with army caps with ear-flaps. However grandees have there and then got stuck in viscous protection of visitors. Some attacks and with that, and on the other hand have passed for nothing, and soldiers have a little become nervous. On each exact throw of the enemy “ pilots “ responded productive attack. Sergey Toporov hammers in two penal, and Samara already ahead - 7:6. Basically, no trouble, however soldiers have got used to write independently scenarios to a match, and here the debut has passed from dictation of the rival. At the bill 9:6 in favour of Samara the trainer of soldiers of Dushan Ivkovich who all this time as the samovar, began to boil at a field edge, took a time - a miss. The trainer managed to lower wards from heavens on the earth - and other game has gone. The Moscow soldiers have got to the full extent the well-known active defence and have more aggressively played in attack. To a basket samartsev have departed “ gifts “ from Hrjapy and Holdena. Some time “ pilots “ efforts of Baranova and Kravtsov kept on a tail at owners, but then suddenly have left in deep pique. It seemed that they were frightened of that have created in the beginning. In CSKA zone on volzhan the strange catalepsy attacked. Playing, appear, for the first time had control over an orange ball. Attack samartsev has lost thought. Chaotic throwings of a ball stopped either interception of Muscovites, or a whistle of the judge which ascertained that time taken away on attack has come to an end. In the end of the first quarter of CSKA has made impressing leap - 22:13. After a break beating of babies has proceeded. fotokorespondenty have smoothly flowed under a ring “ TSSK the Air Forces - Samaras “. As to a board of Muscovites practically threatened nothing. Replacements which were made feverishly by Oleg Kim, have not rescued position. In the second quarter “ pilots “ hopelessly flew by, having lost it 10:31. The match intrigue has died. Fans of Muscovites even catcalled visitors, seemingly, only for the love of a pure art. However, last quarter samartsy have won - trehochkovymi Sergey Toporov and Paul Uljanko have indulged public. Last with 16 points even became the most productive player of a match. However these local exploits volzhane made, when rupture has already reached 40 points and Muscovites have obviously relaxed. And them have noticed unless fans of statistics.

the head coach “ TSSK the Air Forces - Samara “ Oleg Kim after a match has been obviously upset. He refused comments, but for “ has made an exception.

- what here to make comments!? Us have undressed as boys.

- but have begun - that you quickly...

- quickly also have finished. Our command has sufficed only for three minutes, and then have simply got under a skating rink. CSKA to us now too hard, here and to speak even there is nothing. And here to get in “ the eight “ - I consider, it to us on forces. Here we will fight up to the end.

- It seemed, at the command of a problem with playing. You so much time could not keep within 24 seconds which have been taken away for attack...

is not only our problem is a problem of all Russian basketball. You look, who plays this position in other commands: holdeny and papalukasy. Ours raspasovshchikov it is absolutely not visible. Though Holden already ours - to it the Russian citizenship of a distance.

- and at present structure “ TSSK the Air Forces - Samaras “ there is a future?

- basically, there are good children. But some positions should be changed. I think, strong players on role of the playing, easy forward and centre are necessary for us.

- nominees of legionaries consider?

- Whom has got to buy it would not be desirable, and on the good foreign master of money is not present. The budget at us, perhaps, weakest in a superleague.

- on a today`s match someone from the command merits kind words? For example, Uljanko became the most productive player of a match...

- well also what to sense? He throws well, and is not able to be protected.

specially for the Samara fans Yaroslav KOROBATOV. Evgenie`s photo USPENSKY.