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Kazan kept 30 minutes

On the eve of a match with the leader of the championship in “ Technological university “ the head coach was replaced. The Kazan command was headed by Alexander Vlasov not so long ago working in Samara. And, seemingly, this factor has played a certain role in how mistresses were adjusted on game. They not only have not allowed guests to escape in a debut forward, but also have finished a difference to +8 to the middle of the first quarter. Igor Grudin there and then took

a time - a miss and has brought the girls round that has affected result: the first period has come to the end with already minimum overweight (24:23) in THAT advantage.

However, at Natalia Siljanovoj, the leader of the Kazan command, was by that moment three fouls. The second quarter has passed so persistently, commands did not allow to come off each other more than on four points, and to the big break Kazan conducted +2. Thus that mistresses have clean lost a board, as another`s, and the. High, but heavy centre THAT Tifani Johnson Stepanovoj and Podkovalnikovoj to whom fine helped Korstin with Vodichkovoj did not cope with lungs. The good percent of hit of distant throws (Kazan has hammered 9 of 16) allowed mistresses to save for the time being a match intrigue, but when in the beginning of the fourth quarter for five fouls from a platform “ have dismissed “ playing Tatars to Peter Prohazkovu, their game rakleilas. As a result of the guest without special work have finished a match to victory - 87:75.


Oksana Rahmatulina, captain VBM - SGAU:

- I think, it was interesting to spectators - till the end of the third quarter game went a point to a point. At Kazan the good command which has considerably amplified on all positions and to play to us it was hard. We were helped, probably, by character, installation of the trainer always to play on victory and which - what tactical dodges.

Igor Grudin, the head coach of ΒΑΜ command - SGAU:

- After the second quarter of the girl have felt that there is a probability to suffer defeat, and have played more sobranno and is attentive, without supposing those failures that were in first half when was sick to look at their game. Girls have thought that time they the merited masters and champions of Europe, all will be by itself. But at Kazan a solid team with good snipers which cannot be beaten, without having included complete revolutions. THAT not casually goes on the third place.

specially for the Samara fans Alexander EGORS, - Kazan “. A photo of Ruslana ISHMUHAMETOVA.