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Street of Kuibyshev the snake

In passed days off has partitioned off early in the morning inhabitants of street of Kuibyshev loud music and shouts of the people already awake at this time bearing at over heads of a huge dragon, made of multi-coloured balloons has woken. The devjatiletie one of the most popular Samara radio stations " thus marked; a Biline the Megacity . It is necessary to notice that last year admirers ran on the same route in swimming trunks and bathing suits. This time the radio management has taken mercy the fans and has thought up more humane employment. Having gathered for the Revolution areas, with music and dances the column has passed along the street Kuibyshev to a crossroads with Krasnoarmejsky, bearing over a head is yellow - a dark blue dragon. On destination gathered there and then were accepted otpaivat Zhigulevsk beer and to warm up various competitions as prizes for which have served a compact - disks and invitation cards in night club the Iceberg On feast continuation.

in addition, di - dzhei on the air declared competition in which any could take part slushatelnitsa. It was necessary to appear in studio of the direct announcement which windows left directly on sidewalk where participants of procession crowded. Then under slow and melodious music to remove from itself neither it is more nor less, and eight things on the air. The pretender to victory was almost instantly: the passing by girl with pleasure have agreed to undress in the face of wondering passers-by. An award for shown - the ticket in the Iceberg - has there and then got to it, and in an anticipation of a night feast the girl has gone on the affairs.

after prjamoefirnye Passions gradually began to reduce turns, and there was it already along toward evening, workers of radio and their fans have gone to club where they were expected by competition of fighters sumo, the hugest pie, unbounded congratulations and, of course, draw of prizes. Has inexpressibly carried to Irina Fedorovsky who has won connected sotik from BiLajn GSM.