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Samartsy can meet New year without light

At the main reseller of the electric power in Samara serious debts have collected. In July the debt of the Samara city electric networks made 86 million roubles. For today the debt of intermediaries which, by the way, deliver energy to inhabitants of all city, has grown to 256 million roubles. By the way, samartsy, as a rule, for the electric power pay regularly.

without having waited, when a debt will extinguish, power have decided to begin restrictions of supply of electricity. While since December, 10th it is solved to chop off only reserve substations of a city. Results of this step samartsy on itself will not feel, but reliability of work of distributive substations will be lowered.

remain without electricity townspeople can in the event that on the basic substation there will be a failure. Or if city electric systems within 5 working days - till December, 18th - do not liquidate a debt. Then the Samara families risk to meet New year in the dark and with candles. In general while between energetikami and a management of city electric systems negotiations are carried on...

and at this time

Management on state regulation and control in electric power industry of the Samara region has made the decision that growth of tariffs for thermal and electric energy will not exceed 16 %. Since January, 1st, 2004 for urban population of our province the tariff for electric energy will make 1 rouble of 15 copecks. For agricultural population and the population living in houses with electric plates, - 80 copecks for 1 watt - hour.

the established tariffs are accepted for those who receives energy from joint-stock company Samaraenergo . In the nearest two weeks the statement of tariffs for the power supplying organisations which are engaged in resale of energy is planned.