Rus News Journal

All of us in shock!

parents of twins of Oparinyh work on the railway. Mother works as the secretary, the father - the machinist. Employees pieces of iron in shock:

- Their father - normal and dear muzhik. His wife - the sympathetic person.

in a military registration and enlistment office of Kalininsky area of Chelyabinsk, brothers of Opariny whence were called, employees listened all the day long to news by radio, as a report from front. From a card file have pulled out their private affairs.

- They had good characteristics, a family safe, - the employee of a regional military registration and enlistment office colonel Anatoly Kolpakov fingers a paper. - to it for twenty years. There was a delay - children studied in avtotrasportnom technical school. As soon as it have ended, at once have been called in army. Nervously - psychological testing they have passed. Indicators satisfactory. It means - norm. On a broader scale all of us in shock. With our recruits such yet was not. What exactly happens in Solnechnogorske, we can guess only.

At an entrance where there lives a family of Oparinyh, neighbours discuss all the day long an event. Correspondents on a lift threshold were met by tenants:

- you to Oparin? Be not put better! At them it is now terrible that is created! They - enraged!

- We do not believe that our children could such make, - the neigbour speaks. - I and Dimu since the childhood know Sashu. Good boys. Words bad about them I will not tell. It with army it is necessary to understand - as they have finished normal children to such status?!

in apartment Oparinyh the iron door conducts. The father responds to a call:

- to you of whom?

- Oparinyh!

- We will speak nothing!

Alexander ANUFRIEV. (- Chelyabinsk ).