Rus News Journal

Deserters took hostages in Dmitrove

4. 55. 20 - summer twins natives of Chelyabinsk Alexander and Dmitry Opariny leave sentry of the educational centre of Academy of Frunze in Solnechnogorske situated near Moscow, more known, as the well-known courses the Shot . Guys have chosen the deaf person - dog - change as it name in armies: when all drives in a dream, and vigilance is dulled. They lock companions in karaulke and jump through a fence. With itself at them them Kalashnikov`s two automatic machines and on two full shops of cartridges - 120 lead death.

5. 10. Opariny leave on one of streets Solnechnogorska and under the pretext of check of documents brake the nine to grasp the car. The driver - the muzhik competent, it begins to stand up for the rights . While brothers deliberate how to be, the muzhik gives on gases and disappears from a sin far away. He informs at once on a strange couple of military men to a private security squad.

5. 20. Militiamen (and their two) hurry to understand: what is this eagles spend special action in their territory? Having understood what to deceive patrolmen it is not possible, Opariny shoot them from two trunks.

5. 25. Didymuses grasp old voenkomatovsky a LiAZ which stood at entrance to a part, and leave, passing large lines, towards Rogatchyov in Dmitrovsky area.

6. 05. In Rogatchyov the old bus breaks. Opariny throw it.

6. 25. Deserters grasp a fixed-route taxi the Gazelle . Throw out the driver.

6. 27. One of twins gets into the car, and the Gazelle rushes towards Dmitrova.

6. 50. Military men select two girls voting at road. Little girls were necessary to them only to show safe entrance in Dmitrov - passing city centre and possible militian fasts. They should show them also any private house on suburb. But it is obligatory with phone. Opariny want to call mum to Chelyabinsk. And to tell to it about not authorised mutual relations. Guys had problems with colleagues, they were converted to command, but has helped nothing, and then guys have decided to run.

In Moscow suburbs the special troops have begun special action on neutralisation of two soldiers - the deserters who shot of two militiamen and have grasped of two hostages in the private house in Dmitrove. A photo to Conduct .
7. 05. The militia costs on ears . Having driven in Dmitrov, terrorists have become puzzled and cannot solve, where to move further. Begins aimless petljanie on streets.

7. 25. Little girls release. Didymuses understand that on them blood of two militiamen and mercy will not be.

7. 50. The armed deserters rush with shooting into the private house 42 along the street Podjachego. They do not touch aged people. Call to mum, and then disappear in a snow-covered garden and occupy a cottage under construction in the neighbourhood.

8. 00. Agents of national security take the house and a garden in a ring. Representatives of militia and the Minister of Defence make the demand. One and only: unconditional surrender. In default - destruction. But to come into contact to deserters it is not possible. At any movement twins open fire.

10. 35. Fugitives on - former do not go on contact. Some attempts to approach to a cottage are made, however aside peregovorshchikov shooting has been opened.

11. 10. The order on storm of an under construction cottage is obtained. Members of spetsnaz jump through a fence and run up to a building. During this moment the shot is distributed - Alexander Oparin was shot. And his brother Dmitry leaves with the lifted hands.

11. 30. In Dmitrove start to remove the martial law. Armored troop-carriers of Internal troops leave from autorefuellings on entrances to a city, and police cars a chain last in the departments. But a cottage in which last certificate of tragedy was played, on - former in a militian ring. Inspectors of military Office of Public Prosecutor inside work. Unload from UAZ all new cardboard boxes. For material evidences. Collect each sleeve. In the relation both live, and dead Oparinyh criminal cases under three articles UK are already raised at once: autocratic ostavlenie parts murder and capture of hostages .