Rus News Journal


Weddings, funeral. To repeat clients a discount. Ph. 3803 - 83 - 484.

it are required to Folklore ensemble lozhkari, rascheskari, tsokari, topari, chmokari, egegejshchiki and iihari. Ph. 957 - 55 - 65 - 43.

Stalin`s Tube, Lenin`s bullet-proof vest, Khruschev`s hat, Brezhnev`s set of false teeth, Yeltsin`s glass and others oberegi the higher dignitaries of the Central Committee of the CPSU. Ph. 94808408484.

I Will sell A.S.Pushkin`s collected works on rice kernels at the price of 30 rbl./ kg. Ph. 5967733 - 456.

Home theatres at the price of the usual. Shop the Televideo player .

Eat only bread of a bakery 13!

Loans on the security of teeth. Ph. 774565244.

Russian perverts will rent a room. Ph. 4769856473543654.

Russian family will rent Russian apartment at Russian. Payment in time, che we, not Russian? To call by Russian phone 333 - 383740, to speak on - russki.

to Jeweller salon Zlatoser loaders are required.

professional botanik, Cand.Biol.Sci., quickly also will competently hill your potato. Ph. 12965776 - 0987.

Shop 100 000 doors . Simply find the entrance!

I will sell the atlas Fools and roads Russian Federations . Ph. 793 - 76 - 65 - 287.

I Will buy hair. Not a musical. Pejdzh. 39384, ab. Cutting .

the seeing eye dog Is required. The purchase without looking. Ph. 8308308083445.

the colour breakage " Is bought; Ferrari . Place of acceptance to the address: Schumacher`s journey, 999.