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Bulgarians die in Iraq, Filipinos are on the lam

Terrorists from Tavhid val - Jihad executed the Bulgarian hostage, the second promise to kill within days.

the representative of the government of Bulgaria has confirmed that one of the two Bulgarian hostages grasped in Iraq, is executed by insurgents. It is not known, which of a two have killed. Official Sofia considers that all has made for clearing of the compatriot, and now prays for rescue of the second. A contingent from 470 Bulgarian peacemakers under the Polish command did not begin to withdraw.

and here the Philippine government has judged on - to other and for the sake of rescue 46 - the summer driver of the truck (50) military men from coalition numbers in Iraq have decided to clean all. Filipinos and so were going to be turned off on August, 20th, but terrorists have hastened them. Philippines declared yesterday about an immediate conclusion the small contingent. Its number has been reduced with 51 to 43. Extremists have suspended at once execution and promise to save to the hostage life. Philippines became the participant of a coalition second after Spain who turns off military mission in Iraq in reply to actions of extremists.

leaves now that grouping the Iraq Islamic army ( Tavhid val - Jihad ) led by Jordanian Abu Mussab al - Zarkaui for whom Americans hunt, dictates, to whom to leave. And wishing to show hardness in struggle against world terrorism and solidarity with the USA look cruel in relation to the fellow citizens, dooming them to tormenting death. Washington is extremely revolted by the decision of Philippines, being afraid for stability of a coalition with which will blackmail now even more aggressively.