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Mozart without beer - money for a wind!

yesterday deputies of the State Duma have again discussed the law, forbidding to drink and trade in beer in public places.

last edition of the document did not suit the Federation Council. Representatives of regions have counted its too soft. This time members of parliament have copied the law in more rigid formulations and have expanded the list of restrictions.

as the head of the Duma Committee of economy Valery Draganov has declared yesterday, now it is impossible to trade in beer at cinemas, clubs and other organisations of culture, fizkulturno - improving and sports constructions, except for the trade and public catering organisations in which trade in beer in pouring is resolved. The areas of territories round establishments where beer sale also is forbidden, will be defined in each region by authorities individually.

And if it was planned earlier that the law will come into force since April, 1st, 2005, now - in 30 days from the date of its official publication.

so, muzhiks, scratch napes: now absolutely there is no sense to go on an occasion at wives on theatres yes to philharmonic societies...

that to Mozart to listen without beer?