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FSB does not become KGB, but powers of the director will expand

From the information which have filtered into the press on creation of the huge Ministry of a state security into which ostensibly will enter FSB, FSO and SVR, correct there was only that reform of special services has already begun. On July, 11th the President of Russia has signed the Decree about reforming of FSB of Russia, expanding structure of service and power of its director in decision-making. In FSB departments operating till now are abolished and instead of them independent services are established.

under the statement the general - colonel Evgenie Lovyreva, the main personnel officer of service, powers and responsibility of divisions of FSB of Russia will more accurately be defined, the technology operatively - office activity will become simpler. Zamam directors and to heads of services are given large powers on FSB representation in mutual relations with the government, federal authorities, judicial instances.

In FSB the number of deputy directors is reduced. Until recently them was 12 - three first and nine it is simple assistants. The status of the director and it zamov is equated henceforth to the status of the minister and the deputy minister. FSB is authorised to have the one first deputy director and one first zama - the head of the Frontier service of FSB plus of two deputy directors.

specific proposals after new structure of FSB of Russia, reorganisation, reassignment of officials should be submitted within three months for approval to president Putin.