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Management YUKOS has disappeared in the West?

It seems that business YUKOS approaches the ending. It is less than in a month the company or will make bankrupt and will sell, or on a broader scale liquidate. The board of directors is not going to consider other variants.

for now it is methodical on interrogations in the State Office of Public Prosecutor managers of the company are called. But home come back not all. The State Office of Public Prosecutor has confirmed that last week has been arrested zamupravdelami YUKOS - Moscow Alexey Kurtsin. Also the court authorised arrest of the senior lawyer YUKOS Dmitry Gololobova who has providently left Russia still one and a half months ago. On Thursday to its example have followed the chairman of the board YUKOS Stephen Tidi, the financial director of the company Bruce Mizamor. Even earlier, speak, two vice-presidents " have disappeared; YUKOS .

- I am not going to sacrifice the life in political ends and I will not return to Moscow, yet I will not receive freedom and security guarantees, - Bruce Mizamor in interview to The Financial Times newspaper has informed in London.

the State Office of Public Prosecutor of the Russian Federation concerning mass departure present tops YUKOS abroad is silent.

- we do not make comments on moving of these people, - have informed in is information - analytical management of the State Office of Public Prosecutor.

for today in Russia there are only two trustees of the oil company which have got to disgrace. On a question Who now supervises? a press - the secretary YUKOS Alexander Shadrin has responded so:

- All board works in a regular mode, the chairman of the board former.