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In Kiev the western politicians

For " have landed; settlements political crisis in Ukraine there profits one after another visible European politicians. The American - senator Richard Lugar who has appeared in Kiev on the eve of elections became first signs. When it became known that in Ukraine the second tour will take place, he has declared that four thousand international observers from the West countries will provide with the presence at the country democracy victory in Ukraine.

and yesterday to Kiev there has arrived the president of Poland Alexander Kvasnevsky who has carried on at once negotiations with Leonid Kuchma and Victor Yushchenko. Yanukovych did not meet. Javier Solana, the president of Lithuania Valdas Adamkus and the secretary general of OSCE Jan Kubish have joined the Polish leader the sovereign representative of EU on uniform foreign policy and security. To support the Ukrainian friends the day before has arrived and eks - the president of Poland Leh Valensa who is accompanied by his son Yaroslav.

the group of politicians hardly smaller calibre Is expected. The Netherlands a president in EU intends to send to Ukraine the special representative - diplomat Nika Begmana. And the president of Georgia Michael Saakashvili who by heart has learnt technologies of carrying out ", of course, has not stood aside; velvet revolutions . For support of opposition he has sent to Kiev the representative, five members of parliament and group of the Georgian musicians.

from Russia to Ukraine yet has not risked to go anybody.