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Investigation will not report on us precisely

As spoke in a film we Will live till Monday after Peter the Great Rossii did not carry on tsars. Judging by modern serial manufacture, on spies to our country does not carry after Stierlitz. Do not think bad, about, retired fighters of invisible front, in a rebellious youth finding knowledge of German language on superconfidential tasks! Not about you this song, not about you. Today`s change - if to believe teleproduction - differs the rare stupidity which is not allowing even to think of continuity of generations.

a serial the Astrologer on the channel Russia - bright to volume an example. Though a word bright here also looks a certain stretch. This product is removed with such kondovostju, what even firing on flame throwers forces to yawn. Touches already start of each series where the maintenance of the previous episode is illustrated. Shots change each other, but is so languid that neither phrases remembered, nor scenes grasping. That is authors not in a status to make even minute cutting of something tempting to advertise own product.

and netuti there it, tempting. There from a pursuit, for example, one car escapes, simply having called in under a brick . Persecutors legislatively drive by turn, ours triumph. Still there characters adore steadfastly to look afar. Will sit - will sit, will have a look - will have a look, and here already a commercial break.

I personally very much liked a psychological sketch with a teapot. The thoughtful handsome man in a make-up gauging, and a teapot boils on a plate and whistles. The operator and, on the one hand, shows steam picturesquely rising to a ceiling, and with another - the handsome man does not react. He reflects on destinies of the Earth.

Still operators like to remove heroes during extremely important exits for a plot from a building, searches of a taxi and other household actions. And there is an impression that authors very much try to hold on to one commercial break where already us will endow with ingenious slogans of type Take care, children, about the skeleton that will allow TV channel to earn necessary money.

certainly, would be more fair to drive advertising non - stop, without demonstration of meditations over a teapot. But it is manufacturers still hesitate to do, it while it is awkward. Here to the aid the astrologers, any agents on a nickname the Giraffe and a sign " also come; a brick . What difference that there between them happens - children - that already run to care of the skeleton.