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If we give Ukraine, in a year the same will be in Russia

- Gleb Olegovich how it has turned out, what the Russian political strategists so have sworn at one another with these elections and as a result on a Kreschatik one million striking?

- you mean what advisers? Which worked in Yanukovych or Yushchenko`s staff?

- in Yanukovych`s staff. And you personally.

- Why have cut a poor figure? Unless Yanukovych has lost? He has won! From the beginning of year level of its support has grown four times. After Putin it is a phenomenon. And after all foreign advisers, working in foreign election campaign, decisions for a staff, behind it last word do not make. Our loss I do not see.

- but unless it is victory?

- the Situation difficult. And I cannot be assured that Yanukovych at such monstrous pressure, in the absence of enough clear and a firm position of working president Kuchma can save the status of the following president. It can be overthrown as a result of revolution which is possible, is on a substantial scale prepared, and more a miracle that has not come true.

- but why the Russian superadvisers have not provided such succession of events and have not offered ways to prevent it?

- We constantly paid attention of the Ukrainian party to preparation of unconstitutional attempt of capture of the power. But, seemingly, the Ukrainian authorities conceived it as pre-election propagation. They too liked to talk about the Georgian scenario, but did not represent that it can become a reality, did not see, how it prepared practically at them in the face of. I observed, how in day of voting on a Kreschatik in commodity quantities delivered tents and kitchens. It was well prepared procedure.

- How much Russia has spent for election campaign in Ukraine?

- Anything! I declare it. And Ukraine and its business circles spent much and unprofitably.

- how much?

- In the sum for Yushchenko and Yanukovych`s campaign it is spent 800 million dollars. Revolution costs much more cheaply. But mostly money has been plundered.

- and you personally how much have received for services in Ukraine?

- I had no contract from one of the parties. All my contracts in Moscow.

- where you lived in Kiev?

is a question, in whose bed I slept?

-... Gleb Olegovich!!!

- I removed a hotel accommodation. It is better to be not obliged to anybody.

- It turns out, the result of elections as the Russian political strategist suited you, and for consequences you do not respond?

- We advised on election campaign conducting, instead of on maintenance of stability of a situation. This resource on a broader scale was in hands not Yanukovych, and Kuchma who did not suppose it to this sphere. Unlike Yeltsin who has passed all resources to the heir. Kuchma passed nothing. At it a rigid vertical of the power. Those who considers Ukraine as democracy paradise, are mistaken. Such degree of administrative control also did not dream us. There tax inspection is the real tool financial both political strike. And prospect to appear in Khodorkovsky`s position - an everyday occurrence for thousand people.

- it is clear that the people on a Kreschatik protest against such power.

- Yanukovych bore the concept of the new power which will be free from abusings of the old. And here Yushchenko`s coalition consists exclusively from were, there 9 or 10 were vitse - Kuchma`s prime ministers, including Timoshenko who repeatedly was under court. We now see disintegration of a mode of Kuchma, a revolutionary situation. Unfortunately, and in this point in question to our opinion were not converted. It is a pity, after all we in Russia have worried two revolutions.

- and you have taken offence and have returned to Moscow?

- I have not taken offence and more have not returned - I go there - here. And then I consider that the legitimate authority in Ukraine has every chance to protect itself from rough pressure. As this pressure gets the strongly pronounced face, which quickly fashiziruetsja. Freedom subject on a Maidan is absent. There there is an unbridled propagation.

- there is an opinion that in Ukraine the scenario which has worked in Yugoslavia, Georgia is played.

- Yes, those who warmed up passions in Yugoslavia, Serbia, Georgia there work. But after all it in effect not political technologies, and technologies of destruction of the constitutional system.

- a leah they threaten Russia? Really these technologies are capable and at us millions to expel on street? And when?

- If Russia will allow to finish with Ukraine will not take place also year as we will see at us which - that pohleshche. We should be protected seriously. The western position is not simply irresponsible in relation to Ukraine. They on a broader scale are interested in not so much Ukraine, how much Russia. And they are ready even to offer for the sake of it stability in Ukraine.

- president Putin in connection with events in Ukraine has appeared in very uneasy situation.

- Our president has played last year in Ukraine certain rigid game. Influence of Russia has grown repeatedly. It is the real factor recognised and opposition. She is afraid to touch Putin and now. Question, a leah in the correct image this influence will be used in crisis? Russia should become the intermediary in its permission. But usually Russia badly went right doigryvanija excellent begun parties.


the SIGHT With 6 - go the FLOOR

As to us auknetsja neighbour`s rebellion ?

we Will transfer for a minute the Ukrainian situation on the Russian soil. We will present presidential election, two candidates, victory of everyone is unevident... A leah there are their supporters on a frost for support? A ridiculous question.

Even in the warm summer of 1996 when Yeltsin and Zyuganov went face to face, any of them has not risked to call on streets of the voters. Knew - do not leave. Life has proved - while one stand on barricades, others divide the power and saw the property.

Now this lesson should be acquired to citizens of the next republic.

And what lessons Russia from events in Ukraine will take? It would Seem, to worry it is nothing us. The Russian society which has endured shock after disintegration of the USSR, is enough today monolitno. It has a vigorous charismatic leader. Economy in norm. So, apparently, there are no bases to assume that, say, in 2008 in Russia the Ukrainian scenario can be played. However costs oslabnut one making this basis of stability (for example, deterioration of an economic situation), and all can change.

At least one of threats to Putin, seemingly, managed to be anticipated. Real danger of disorder of the country became result of opposition in Ukraine - one cities and regions have started to swear on Yushchenko`s fidelity, others - to Yanukovych. Putin reform of a state system can such threat for Russia eliminate.