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The rights of the consumer with Anna Dobrjuhoj

Where should deliver purchase?

We have got the refrigerator and have paid delivery. Loaders have put it in a court yard and have declared that will carry to us in apartment - on 3 - j a floor - only at additional expense. A leah we are obliged to pay extra?

At sale with delivery the goods should be delivered in a place specified by the buyer and if it is not specified, in a residence of the citizen (item 499 of the Civil code of the Russian Federation). Under the law a residence are the concrete premises.

at the same time in the contract with the buyer the shop can provide delivery repayment terms. We will tell: for manual lifting on each floor is raised a separate payment.

if with such conditions in writing you have not acquainted, purchase should deliver directly in apartment without any surcharges.

in what terms the claim moves?

In October I have bought daughters a down-padded coat. Last week it for the first time its plot, and at once has departed a lightning . A guarantee to us did not give. In shop now declare that the down-padded coat could be handed over or exchanged within 2 weeks after purchase, and now to make a complaint I have not the right. What to do?

do not worry, you were not late. The rule about 14 - day term of an exchange and return extends only on the QUALITATIVE goods which have not approached the buyer on colour, a style and etc. to the Claim in connection with goods lacks are shown, if defects are found out within two years from the date of purchase (Law item 19 About protection of the rights of consumers ).

Therefore safely put in in shop the statement with the requirement to return money or to replace a down-padded coat on new (it is necessary to demand something one!) . On payment the law takes away 10 days, on replacement - 7 days (item 21 and 22).

If the seller begins to assert that a lightning you have broken, it is necessary to hand over a down-padded coat for examination. As the guarantee is not present, to reserve and pay examination you should. If she establishes that the lack has arisen for the reasons for which the manufacturer and the seller (factory marriage, poor-quality " respond; a lightning and etc.) That the shop will be unconditionally obliged to fulfil your requirement and to refund expenses on examination.

! Leave to itself a copy of the statement, submitted to the seller. On your copy the employee of shop is obliged to put the signature or the press. It is important, as from the date of claim reception terms of performance of requirements of the buyer (see above) are counted. And per every day of delay the seller is obliged to pay the penalty at a rate of 1 percent of the price of the goods (Law item 23).

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