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In Ural Mountains the whole city has rushed to catch aliens!

we had not time to tell yesterday about mysterious circles on the snow, two nights on end appearing on kindergarten territory the Spark (see from November, 26th of this year) As in the Ural small town the Dry Broad gull cheerful life has begun.

inhabitants immediately also have unanimously decided, what snow circles, certainly, inhuman hands - or feet? - Business.

the small town as if has woken up from hibernation. The delight and horror - to us have arrived aliens!

passions were warmed up by the message of employees of the Ministry of Emergency Measures on detection near circles of a small radioactive background. And when correspondents have gone to night expedition have found out near a kindergarten crowd of hunters on green little men !

Who has worn these circles on snow, and remains a riddle... But we have tried to repeat them to call aliens on contact.

Arrive to us on the Spark

the First time circles, we will remind, have appeared on the night of Wednesday. Tutors have come for work and have seen ideally equal huge spirals on snow. poudivljalis - such it is impossible to make a broom, after all then there should be traces of human feet!

the snowball has then gone, circles fell asleep, but in the next morning spirals have appeared again. When we have arrived, circles have again disappeared under a snow coverlet. Snow lay before us a pure white canvas - but a leah will appear the mysterious artist?

midnight. In one of kindergarten windows light burns. Very suspicious phenomenon, after all the watchman should sleep already. We are hollowed at a wooden door. What for - while we do not know. Silence. The watchman is obviously stolen, most likely, is on a far-out planet.

behind the nearest bushes we see a little skrjuchennyh figures. Here they, it appears, what, our brothers on reason...

- you che here sharashites? Too plates catch? - Has dumbfounded us, alas, a human voice. The representative of the terrestrial civilisation, too thirsting contact to an extraterrestrial civilisation, was already fairly drunk - was warmed.

the new acquaintance was called by Dimychem. When all Dry Broad gull has risen on ears from mysterious spirals, it has there and then gone to patrol.

- arrive to us on the Spark - has sung Dimych. - the People - that here flocks. You will come, you will get acquainted. We will sit sincerely, we will drink, we will talk. About what we speak? About UFO, naturally. We not drunks any. Simply occasion - that really serious. Today, truth, cold. Well, for UFO?

and gesture peremptory has stretched us a port bottle.

Traces appear?!

Two o`clock in the morning.

at last - that! Here they, traces! Distinct, parallel. Just they were not! But why them only two?

we go on them, with bated breath. Any rustle in bushes and voices. Two push sledge. Regardless of obstacles through sadikovskuju territory and bushes. Interesting, this sledge it is possible to draw spirals which we observed still couple of days ago? We have not time to discuss this wise thought as these two disappear in any hole in a fence.

again voices. Speech like the human. Crowd of humanoids, drink beer, talk. About what?

About aliens.

- Not, we only slightly still green little men! - new pathfinders laugh loudly. - students UPI, have specially arrived for 120 kilometres of Martians to catch!

It seems, the people absolutely from mind poshodil. OK we, journalists... However, when one of participants of our expedition called to the husband and said, will not come what to spend the night, and will go to watch for aliens, he too, apparently, anything good has not thought. Though aloud also has not said...

in the sky any rumble, and it suspiciously brightens. Here, hurrah! Now will begin. Again a rumble. Not clearly. And brightens, apparently, because already simply dawns.

again someone goes.

yes that this such! All territory have trampled - any circles you will not see. In houses near a garden in windows light burns. People do not sleep, too watch, only from the apartments.

Such impression that all Dry Broad gull is trampled down around a kindergarten, being afraid to pass interplanetary rapprochement.


How to cut inoplanetnye circles


I your reader with such experience that, possibly, do not live " so much;. Good fellows that surprise, search sensations. But in this case someone obviously thirsts to become famous. On a photo not circles, and a spiral which can be drawn, only having put in the centre a pig with the rope reeled up on it, and other pig to drag by the ground. This reception is known for a long time at fans sensations .

I expected to see concentric circles which remain often after whirlwinds, but vortical circles never have accurate outlines. Accurate outlines only at MAN-MADE circles or spirals is all the same.
With deep honouring your Century And. Utkin, the professor, the laboratory chief of nuclear geophysics of Institute of geophysics of UroRAN.