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The metre of habitation for persons included in a waiting list will cost $650

- Valery Pavlinovich, there is an opinion that the capital shows off at the expense of a province. Besides here the majority of banks, the large companies is concentrated, and money besides in Moscow basically turns...

- it is valid, in Moscow 85 percent of financial resources of Russia rotate, but present, you work as the senior cashier in the Central Bank and through your cash desk pass money of all country. From it your salary increases? If to tell about a profitable part of the Moscow budget, it only seven percent from economic activities of banks.

Moscow lives at the expense of three taxes: income, on profit and on property. These are 85 percent of our incomes. Other part - use of ground resources, the real estate, share holdings available for us.

in what we saw the main task? To work on prospect. We had a support of townspeople, and we did not think of populist short-term measures for the sake of elections, and aimed at creation of a labour market and volume projects. And today we put decisions for many years forward. Muscovites at able-bodied age should give workplaces that they, earning also a city fed. Because we carry out all social policy at the expense of their taxes. That who owing to age or a state of health cannot work, we should provide sotszashchitu at the expense of the state and city budgets. And we should so to work, that this situation developed. In Moscow today 0,2 percent of unoccupied able-bodied townspeople. It is the low level of unemployment in the country.

Shantsev does not deny: in capital of problems it is a lot of.
Often I hear: Why you build City for whom it is necessary? After building end City in a city will appear 100 thousand new workplaces. I will notice, with good salaries because there not in sausage will trade, and to carry out large-scale projects on development of ours and other regions. We have counted up that by the time of the building termination, to 2008 - to 2010, we will receive from it in addition 1,5 billion dollars.

- it would Seem, it is enough city problems, and Moscow goes to the Russian remote places. What for it is necessary to us?

What for to Moscow a province?

- the Market of Moscow is already narrow on a number of directions for habitation building, our possibilities are wider, than requirements. Capacities are to be reduced no.

- Moscow - a city with enormous consumption. We for a day eat 21 thousand tons of products. Here also we look, what region makes what goods and services, on what network the goods get to Moscow. As a rule, it is 6 - 7 intermediaries. And the result appears is unfavourable for Muscovites - too expensive. Therefore we leave in regions where we render the financial help to our suppliers. Thus the cost price decreases twice, intermediaries are eliminated, the price decreases. Such chains we have already built about forty in 15 regions. 70 percent of meat and butter are delivered to Moscow under this scheme.

But if to be patient...
is concerns only products?

- And the goods of daily demand. For example, furniture, footwear. After all in Moscow not all is made. But we too should market the production. Therefore we through regions advance the Moscow goods. Moscow makes 13 percent of volume of all Russian goods of daily demand. All finds demand. For example, with Belarus at us export is equal to import. It is more than 5 billion dollars annual goods turnover. The same with all other regions.

it is not necessary to disturb to small-scale business

- As small-scale business, in your opinion, feels?

- Small-scale business is 196 thousand enterprises, 1800 thousand working, realisation volumes left for trillion roubles. But small-scale business should have possibility for normal work. The first - allocation of premises on the ground floors of under construction or reconstructed houses for realisation of services in the conditions of step-by-step availability. We have lost many dry-cleaners, laundries, hairdresser`s, repair shops... The second - creation of technoparks. In such cities hundreds small enterprises will receive the corner, protection, public service. It will give the chance to them to become competitive. The simplified diagramme with the state participation is necessary, allowing small enterprises to take the credit. They are ready to fulfil, but cannot receive it.

... All questions it is possible to solve that...
- a leah Will help with it system development one window ?

- In small-scale business we have begun work on simplification of conditions of check in. Transition since January, 1st, 2005 on system one window will allow small enterprises to reduce time and expenses for reception of all necessary documents.

we will curtail bureaucratic system

- Still and to usual Muscovites to spend time in offices less...

- Work goes, and it will be, I assure you, is finished. Now it is necessary to cancel or reconsider some former laws. Since January, 1st, 2005 all documents from the list confirmed by us will stand out in a mode one window . Me now disturbs, that there was no one window in literal sense with turns.

soon we will define the list of paid and free documents. Certainly, the majority will be free as they are given out by the state. And coordination partially will be vozmezdnymi because they are done by task forces, GUPy, being on self-financing. Visitors will pay off through bank under the confirmed tariffs. In 2005 we will create the territorial bodies more approached to townspeople. Today we consider that the nearest level of the power are justices. And at all of them there are less than functions and imperious powers. While only 10 - 15 percent of documents stand out in justices and prefectures, and all the rest - top-level managements. This pyramid should be turned in 2006 - 2007.

... In favour of Muscovites.
- What do you think of new initiatives on change of system of a vertical of the power?

- Initiatives of the president are directed on the main task decision - increase of controllability by the state. This model of management with extra efficiency and reliability is actually realised in Moscow more than ten years.

capital expansion is unpromising

- That occurs to building? A leah so it is necessary to take down hostels and other buildings?

- to Expand a city it is unpromising - you will not construct neither power supply system, nor transport. But also remain in a present status a city too cannot. Each building should be considered very attentively. Especially if it is history and culture monuments. Now it is possible to build is not worse at all, than hundred years ago.

Christ the Saviour Cathedral have constructed of new materials. Now UNESCO intend to enter it in the list a cultural heritage because we in accuracy have repeated it. So was only in Poland. One of microdistricts of Krakow have completely destroyed, and it has been put into the cultural heritage list. It have restored and have anew brought in this list.

- instead of hostel Moscow want to construct one more area?

- Personally I consider that it is impossible to build up this area. It is better to arrange well and equip all good trading underground space.

- It is remembered, how have started to hold a meeting on Manezhnoj, it too have arranged well, that the people did not rage...

- When Tour d`Eiffel in Paris was under construction, all too were indignant. And now who thinks of Paris without it? We want, that nobody was against? It will not turn out. Yury Mihajlovich as - that has well told about the power which makes decisions: And in a cap - the fool, and without a cap - the fool . Has decided to construct - there will be opponents, has decided not to build - will ask: why?

Though there are cases when the decision is accepted biassedly. I some times came to a conclusion that it is necessary to cancel. Also cancelled.

third of our enterprises let out nothing

- a leah Is plans on industry development? Not only in city to Muscovites to work...

- In the beginning 90 - h years we have lost about 70 percent of industrial potential. Even today did not leave yet on level 90 - go year. While at us about 80 percent of those volumes. But, on the other hand, former production is noncompetitive, and the working condition is not maintained by critics. If we have aimed to reanimate everything, it would be wrong. Including from the point of view of ecology. At us fish in the Moskva River is caught, in the rivers there were cancers, and it is a sign of cleanliness of water.

the city has a program of support of the industry, we spend for it about 3 billion roubles a year. to kill the industry we do not gather, but also to restore that is necessary for nobody, too we do not want.

now in Moscow about 1200 large enterprises. From them third lets out 95,4 percent of production. As much again the enterprises give the remained 5 percent. And the others 400 on a broader scale let out nothing. But resuscitation goes! To double an internal total product, it is necessary to grow on 8 - 9 percent a year. In Moscow this program is realised.

Muscovites in the market you will not force to trade

- But there is also other side of the problem. Earlier Muscovites worked at solid factories, and visitors traded. Now many have ceased to feel confident. Therefore are angry with a stranger who has arrived on the market with tomatoes. A leah is not present at you sensation of a certain international pressure?

- Moscow - historically multinational city. By results of last census representatives of 168 nationalities live in capital. I hope, the national tolerance on - former will be inherent in Muscovites. Happen, as everywhere, intolerance displays. When the city is socially steady, pressure does not arise. The transient period delivered to people weight of cares. Pensions and salaries - small, free habitation give less, turns on apartment were strongly stretched. Today many with melancholy think: what to do, if there will be no health, works, habitation? This psychological instability forces to search for the reasons. But after all Muscovites in the market you will not force to trade. In Moscow now officially 184 thousand free workplaces. Many firms simply do not declare real requirement for labour because it is favourable to them to use illegal immigrants. At us on one legal worker it is necessary 10 - 15 illegal foreign migrants. It is a problem, but not tragedy.

in turn on habitation of 195 000 families

- Habitation today - a sore point for the majority of people. The mortgage will help us?

- the Present mortgage is unreal for the majority. Judge: 70 percent of pledge, 15 annual interest rates and a maximum ten years of the credit. Thus monthly payments will make approximately 735 dollars. The scheme of work we built so that to reduce the price of credits and to make monthly payments feasible. Have for this purpose created savings and loan association, the Moscow mortgage agency. Our today`s credit is calculated for 20 years under 10 annual interest rates with monthly payments at level of $450. In a month we give out while forty credits and on it we are not going to stop.

- As be going to answer a room question?

- With the help building - the savings banks belonging to the government of Moscow. Our problem - to involve persons included in a waiting list. The housing turn during the last years increases. Building - the savings bank (SSK) becomes the customer of building of habitation. We allocate the ground areas without burdening from a city, and SSK sell habitation not on 1400 dollars for metre as in the market, and for $650 - 670, almost twice it is less.

- On whom this program is calculated?

- On persons included in a waiting list, young families, state employees and state employees. Taking into account grants and depreciation of habitation participants of the program - persons included in a waiting list - will pay only 100 dollars a month, and neocheredniki - a maximum of 250 dollars. Highly paid and sredneoplachivaemye townspeople will buy habitation. Our problem - to work with people, at which turn on apartment and not so high incomes.

to Exempts - we will pay in addition

- As in capital there will pass replacement of privileges by money? Already now not all is clear with medicinal maintenance of federal exempts...

- the Monetization of social benefits for Russia in general a thing correct. But at us a special situation. If instead of privileges we enter money then we should buy these privileges at market prices. For example, the ticket in underground costs 700 roubles. And we in the budget do not have such money. Therefore the financial resource to give to each exempt such sum on which he can buy the privileges is necessary. They in Moscow stand more expensively, than in other regions. We now solve this problem.

in Moscow the accurate system of maintenance is constructed by medicines: the exempt comes to polyclinic, to it write out the recipe, it in the same building goes to a drugstore and receives medicines free of charge or at half price. There is a question: How federal exempts will be provided with medicines? The system should be clear. In a city of 480 drugstores, and such exempts - thousand six hundred. Nobody knows, when in polyclinic they will write out recipes and to what drugstore with them will come. Means, in each drugstore it is necessary to have the full list of medicines counting on the maximum quantity of the come.

On a communal flat will rise, but...

- a leah it is highly jumped tariffs for utilities next year?

- Once a year the federal commission confirms limiting tariffs. Our problem - to find the compromise. Certainly, the prices will grow. But I want to calm at whom the average and low income. On however many tariffs raised, you will not pay this increase. In Russia grants pay in at whom expenses on utility bills make more than 22 percent of the family budget, and in Moscow this lath - 10 percent. Apartments lacking for payment money will be automatically paid from gorbjudzheta. At anybody and thoughts should not arise that the pension will not suffice on gas or an electricity. You are protected by the city budget.