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The trainer the Locomotive Yury Semin: Simply I do not want to lose 1:7!

Who only did not appear in this season at standings top and when a season it has ended, has appeared that on the first place - Semin and it the Locomotive . Loko by the way, has won also the championship of Moscow under the version and Moskomsporta. And in a national team which has recouped in the end for the misfortunes on Estonians, on the first roles there were railwaymen. In a word, was about what to talk to Yury Pavlovichem.

- Last match the national team has won 4:0, and three balls on the bill of your wards. You feel involved in this victory?

- Certainly. It is pleasant that my children well have shown themselves. But also to defeats I too feel involved. And everything, probably.

- Right after champion a match in one of interview you recognised that CSKA in this season was stronger, and to the Locomotive has carried. Now, probably, take the words back?

- Is not present. But all is stronger - taki was the Locomotive . We have typed more points in matches with commands from in the lead group. We were strong that after cruel defeats did not lower hands, quickly came to the senses. We have twice beaten CSKA. And to me said that there is such sign - the one who beats the champion two times, becomes the champion himself. One year ago we in the rank of champions have twice conceded CSKA, and soldiers then have won gold . Now the sign has again worked.

we did not quarrel with Gazzayev

- About your quarrel with Gazzayev spoke much, and reconciliation is mentioned casually. A leah was official signing of the peace treaty ?

- Any ofitsialnosti. A usual reality situation. We are competitors. There should be moments which separate us. By and large we also did not quarrel. Simply during any moment have stopped mutual relations. Now all me ask, a leah Gazzayev has congratulated on a champion`s title. Certainly, has congratulated!

- It is considered, what trainer`s work of a place to friendship does not leave?

- it do not agree. I was on friendly terms with the late Paul Sadyrin, I am on friendly terms with Boris Ignatyev. We struggled with each other, but same did not disturb! I not disputed person. But during friendship matches does not happen. Another matter that after game is necessary for each person different time to depart. You weigh you boil. It is healthy, when after matches in English league trainers press each other hands. But it all the same gesture for public because inside to depart so it is quickly impossible.

- With our football players without psychologists you will not understand.
it would not be desirable to lose Yevseyev

- you say that the person not disputed. And, on hearings, in this season you had serious quarrels with Vadim Yevseyev...

- Conditions in the command always should be strained. Otherwise you will achieve nothing. We were mistaken much, both players, and trainers. And with Yevseyev at me outside of a conflict field was not. It did not carry out my installations, and it is its work.

- nevertheless the new contract with Yevseyev, as well as with Loskov, is not signed yet. They can leave?

- We would not like to lose such players, and yet there was no case that our president has not solved a problem. But if it occurs - we will find replacement. We have found people to the place of Smertin. This year Sychev, Biljaletdinov strongly were a part, of Asatiani. But, I repeat, to lose these children we do not want.

- Ruslan Nigmatullin in the Locomotive became a star, and now sits in a deep stock. What with it?

- Ruslana as - that always bypassed traumas. And this year have fallen one for another. On - to mine, its departure to Italy was an error. From us there left the first class goalkeeper, and the person who should begin all with zero has returned. Practice, probably is necessary to it, it will pass in other club. Perhaps, we gave it few chances. It is assured, he still will declare itself(himself).

Foreigners new have not shown anything

- you always said that consider wrong to involve foreign trainers. After that season your opinion has become stronger?

- I cannot Unequivocally respond. Petrzhela in Zenith works successfully. At others it has not turned out. I was against many saw panacea in foreigners. The trainer - the magician will come and all will beat. And so does not happen. At those trainers - foreigners that has been dismissed, in this season I new to myself have not seen anything. And nobody has seen, including owners of clubs.

- the president Loko many times this year hinted at dishonest methods of struggle of your competitors. You consider, what against you played not by rules?

- Well... Perhaps, I will not answer this question. I do not want. We became champions is the main thing.

- what do you think of expansion of Premieres - leagues?

- it is tolerant. But I want, that all occurred in a civilised way, about all it is necessary to agree in the season beginning. And that at us these conversations that nobody will take off, have begun even in the summer. The same the Rotor and Kuban about it heard. Perhaps also were not stirred especially?

So last match of a season in Yaroslavl has ended. Just Semin with the command became champions.
Our football progresses

- was much said that our championship became more fair, than last years.

- you look, how much on finish was unexpected results when commands which it is obvious more low a class, deprived of leaders gold points. It is a good sign.

- but, besides on hearings, these unexpectedness have been very well paid.

- All are solved by standings. Stimulated our rivals or not - I do not know. But against us in the second circle all played very much motivirovanno. Kuban has given all the best, us has beaten, and it is more than forces on what does not remain. Probably, stimulation at us is. And the regulations unlike payoff do not forbid it. And in one country of the world. And anything bad, probably, in it is not present, only the agiotage rises, and it is healthy!

- during last match of the championship in Yaroslavl you were in a red sports hat - a cockerel. It is a talisman?

- It is possible and so to say. In Yaroslavl after a match has gone on tribunes to fans, they asked, will give supposedly as a keepsake. I have responded - anything you like, only not it.

- year without Euro cups - it was not boring?

- it is boring. Therefore all and fight for places in League of champions, in an UEFA Cup to battle to the best foreign clubs. It is very interesting.

- our football progresses?

- Even questions are not present. If to look at matches of the championships of England, Germany, Italy it is, of course, more interesting than game of leaders, than at us. But when meet clubs from the table middle - nothing better, than in the Russian superiority. At us even it is more interesting. In ours the Prime minister - league is less than stars, but the middle tier is high enough also attendance decent. Interest traditionally falls after the World championships and Europe, but then all comes back to the places.

- nevertheless the national team afflicts is more often, than pleases.

- it is difficult To me to speak about a national team. Probably, at us not that`s OK with concentration, with preparation. The reserve is, but to use it it is impossible. Probably, the group of psychologists, scientific group here should work, can, and it is necessary to consult on trainers.

- I understand that you will not estimate action of colleagues. Then a simple question: you would retire after defeat with the bill 1:7?

- I do not know. But to lose 1:7 very much it would not be desirable.