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To that learns business YUKOS

Business YUKOS - one of political signs under whom Russia lives here already practically year, seemingly, close to end. In reply to government threat to make bankrupt the company its management at last like has decided to pay debts under taxes. One of these days board YUKOS has made decision to pay a debt for 2000. It, as it is known, 99,4 billion roubles. Money assumes to type from a company gain. And Michael Khodorkovsky from a pre-trial detention centre has suggested to allocate for repayment is long 44 % of shares of company which belong to it and its colleagues. For this purpose, truth, it is necessary to defreeze actions at first.

now the government considers these offers. Probably, for their realisation it is necessary to create investment bank...

it would seem, to all domestic business the object lesson is given rather. It is necessary to pay fairly taxes in treasury, differently troubles you will not be gathered - how much vanity, the nerves unnecessary like of expenditure - on lawyers, and so forth Business at first sight the lesson has acquired a legal cost. Representatives of its top have made the way - taki to the president and long assured him that they now good and fair. A leah however means all it, what as a result they competing in speed will run in tax inspections with the absolutely fairly filled declarations?

alas, such to assume it would be at least naive. After all oligarchs also became those because were more aggressive, lovchee, is more artful than the competitors. Therefore could receive to itself the best pieces of state property and minimise the payment for it to the state in a type of tax. Those who operated strictly by rules, with the law have no problems. But they have no problems and with business. Because business at them already is not present. To fight for each kopeck at oligarchs in blood. Some of them, are not excluded, ready and to go to prison if only not to pay. It already at genetic level. Well there are no selfless oligarchs! Their Khodorkovsky`s example has frightened. But a leah has corrected? Yes they, most likely, leaving the Kremlin from Putin, first of all began to think, what new - certainly, lawful! - to find an opening in a tax paling.

so while for replenishment of the budget of the power, seemingly, it is necessary to continue to work with large business . And not casually Putin as a stone on a stick, holds the Audit Chamber conclusion about infringements at privatisation in the early nineties.

... A subtlety here in that in a pursuit of taxes not to ruin a source of their receipts.