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Duty free: favourably or not?

As work duty free

- Having passed before flying away abroad passport control, the person formally leaves the state and gets to a zone duty free - free from duties, - the senior expert of department of marketing of the company " explains; aeroferst Julia KALISTRATOVA. - So, can make purchase which is not assessed with additional gathering of this country.

the first duty free shops have appeared at us 17 years ago. Now in duty free every fourth passenger of the international flights looks. In duty free shops it is possible to buy twenty thousand names of the goods: from ball pens to fur coats. But 70 % of profit duty free do on alcohol, cigarettes and perfumery.

we compare the prices: in whose advantage?


On the average here it is cheaper twice. Especially strong spirits of an overseas origin: whisky, cognac, rum. Classical scotch whisky Johnnie Walker Red Label, 1 l in duty free - 14 euros, in usual shop - 32 euros (1200 roubles); cognac Remi V. S. O. P., 0,5 l, in duty free - 19 euros, in usual shop - about 55 euros (2019 roubles).


Stand the same as in supermarkets, but is more expensive, than at grandmothers in transition or in the market. But it is guaranteed that they are made not on samopalnom zavodike near Tula. Block Marlboro Lights in duty free - 14 euros, in a booth in transition - 6 euros (225 roubles). Block Parliament in duty free - 16 euros, in a booth in transition - 9 euros (340 roubles).

Perfumery and cosmetics

In duty free costs approximately as much, how much in usual shops. Which - where can be found in a city and is cheaper. It is especially notable, when the big perfumery markets spend sales or do discounts. Perfumery water Chanel 5, 50 ml in duty free - 57 euros, in perfumery shop - 45 euros (1665 roubles), compact powder Chanel in duty free - 27 euros, in perfumery shop - 25 euros (930 roubles).

Jewels and costume jewellery

On 10 - 15 percent are cheaper, than in decent shops of Moscow. Especially it concerns fashionable now to the Austrian costume jewellery Swarovski from rock crystal. It, according to employees duty free the departing people will sweep away without remainder. A suspension bracket - an amulet the Whim (a necklace with seven rotating suspension brackets, Swarovski) in duty free - 85 euros, in a jeweller boutique - about 100 euros (3700 roubles).


Stand dorogovato therefore as elite grades are on sale basically. A choice small. Sweets are better for taking on the way to the airport. Russian chocolate (a set from three porous tiles) - 3 euros, in a supermarket - are less than 100 roubles.

electronics and hours

Technics - not the most favourable purchase in duty free and a choice small. Hours are cheaper on 5 - 10 percent. Women watch GUESS - 62 euros, in hour salon in the centre of Moscow same - 64 euros (2370 roubles).


Belts, bags, handles and etc. in duty free only very expensive, the European firms. Here they can be bought on 15 - 20 percent more cheaply, than in a decent boutique in Moscow. Tie NINA RICCI silk in duty free - 65 euros, in shop (the centre of Moscow) - 70 euros (2600 roubles).


Good shopping removes stress before flight (especially if you buy alcohol).

the Majority of the elite goods here is not more expensive, than in city shops. And some are much cheaper.


- Purchase becomes spontaneously, crudely;
- all high-class goods and it is appreciable podgryzajut the budget;
- access to duty-free to the goods who in a pocket has an air ticket in other country have only.

and HOW At THEM?
The to the south the airport, the more well the price

the Desire buy something before landing in the plane can to arise and before homecoming. A leah favourably it, depends on the country. The most expensive duty free France, Belgium is based in Great Britain, Sweden. More well the price in Italy, Spain, Bulgaria. The most democratic duty free shop - in Arab Emirates. In it of the price more low, than at our airports. Cheaply also in Turkey and Egypt, yes only quality of the goods the doubtful.

Evgenie HAVTAN, group gallant

- As any normal Russian citizen, I take in duty free alcohol and tobacco. It seems to me that the prices for other goods in these shops much above, than in a city.