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For sight at pipes haughtily

As power search in place heating systems where there can be a rupture or a leaking? And there are such things quite often, after all the majority of networks were under construction in the last century and have essentially decayed. In capital of such pipelines there are more than two thousand kilometres in double calculation (one pipe submits hot water to consumers, another returns used on power station). Certainly, all of them are exposed to careful preventive repair during the summer period, but also in the winter of a heating system demand constant supervision.

- Earlier practically everything that has been connected with damages of heating systems, has been constructed on intuition, - the chief of service of technical diagnostics of thermal networks of Open Society " tells; Mosenergo Alexander Goncharov. - where - that something has jerked - the master of a site has made at itself a mark, a ditch razryli, have repaired. In those days, when heating systems only were under construction, gave attention to conducting and preservation of so-called passports on each pipe a little - in what year is established, of what metal is made, what linings and etc. there stand And this information for the further work is necessary as the breath of life.

To the aid energetikam the device with the speaking name - teplovizor has come. This miracle of technics has been thought up for the medical purposes: the device makes a temperature map of an organism and gives the information on a status of an internal of the patient. In Mosenergo have found out that teplovizor can care about health not only people, but also the whole city, after all thermal communications is a blood system of capital. In the chamber established inside teplovizora, experts fill in liquid nitrogen, connect the device to the computer and check heating systems, without breaking off a ground. Teplovizor catches thermal radiation and reflects it in the monitor screen. So leak of heat which should be eliminated operatively is found out.

But to bypass all thousand kilometres of capital heating systems with the device in hands - a difficult task. Therefore Moscow power have thought up to use teplovizorom... From the helicopter.

- We make infra-red aerial photograph every year, with it we are helped by the enterprise Aerogeophysics - Goncharov continues. - for a week they fly about all Moscow, then by means of special computer programs by which for us does Geocybernetics during a pair of clocks from air we combine results of shootings with a real map of capital. And - please, now we see, where there is from a pipe heat leak. It is possible not to wait, when rvanet and to make repair beforehand. It will save Muscovites from unpleasant incidents.

the Ideal season for diagnostics - late autumn and early spring. And the difference between indications teplovizora at aerial photograph and at use of a land method makes all the five 100-th degree.