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Arthur Hailey has for ever left Hotel

the Well-known writer has died yesterday in the sleep in the house on the Bahamas.

the Present bookworm, that there! To name Hailey the big writer language does not turn, about it what only critics did not speak, but here - we still had 11 its novels the majority from which enjoyed wide popularity. Especially in Russia where there is Arthur Hailey`s books did not read unless last laundress. And as differently! Its well-known novels Hotel the Airport Wheels the Overload exchanged for paper for recycling, standing huge turns.

Then, perhaps, only from these volume detectives also it was possible to learn how live there, in the USA. Working over each novel, Hailey thoroughly studied life that workers of abrupt hostels, airports, hospitals. Not to believe to it it was impossible.

And to Hailey who have not ended even school, believed. Not without reason its products are translated to 38 languages of the world, and the general circulation of books has exceeded 170 million copies!

last years Arthur Hailey living in the house in the city of Liford on island Nju - Providence (Bahamas), has ceased to write for general public. And two months ago the writer has had a stroke then at it problems with memory began to arise.

Yesterday at the age of 84 years he has died in the sleep from a stroke. The wife of writer Shejla has informed on it...