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Enamoured of Iru

On Friday spectators only were shaken. Tribunes of the Palace of sports in Luzniki have been filled less than half. But it does not mean at all that figure skaters supported poorly. Especially franticly supported the. So, in dances on ice the pedestal after execution of the short program has turned out Russian - an Ukrainian. Nobody doubted that leadership will grasp Tatyana Navka and Roman Kostomarov. The second went Elena Grushin and Ruslan Goncharov, the third - Oksana Domnina and Maxim Shabalin. Certainly, in such distribution of places strong rivals who have been declared on tournament are guilty also, but to Moscow and have not reached.

We did not manage to ask, for whom from figure skaters was ill in the VIP - a tribune vitse - mayor Valery Shantsev. Most likely, for Irina Slutsky. For Iru here were ill all without an exception. As soon as it has appeared in sight of the fans, all looks were switched to it. It has unperturbably observed competitors and has disappeared in podtribunnyh premises.

Irina excellent looked in a dress of colour of a ripe cherry. Here only during warm-up it constantly approached on the trainer to Jeanne Gromovoj that that has corrected an effective fastener on a back. And that suddenly during a difficult jump will accidentally be unbuttoned. Slutsky already declared, and it all stood and attentively listened to the trainer. This evening Ira flied on ice, despite the redressed knee. Each jump was conceived   on hurrah . And this evening it has reaped the biggest crop of the soft toys, which spectators generously strewed on ice, knowing that their Ira collects (at it even covers for the fads from plush!).

In the short program of Ira was above the competitors at all on a head, and on three heads.