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From - for Russian beauties at Michael Jorka has jumped up pressure

On Thursday have passed beauty contests among married women with children Mrs. Moscow and the Russian woman - 2004 . At ten of forty pretenders children have caught a cold, and they could not arrive. But has arrived to look on hvalenyh at the Russian beauties the Hollywood actor Michael Jork. Him at once have set in jury.

Action was late. The sir York, having stayed an hour and a half, has frowned and has set to an exit. As to us have explained in its environment, the actor has hard transferred 11 - hour flight and capital weather. At the visitor problems with pressure have begun. It was necessary to decide destiny of participants to public figure Arthur Tchilingarov, the astrologist to Tamara Globa, to Mr. of the World to Alexander Nevsky and another.


the Most beautiful Muscovite with the husband the Novel.
as the Most beautiful woman of the country recognised 33 - summer Elena Pahomovu from Ekaterinburg. It it is dazzling it is good, and at it five children. Elena was pleasant also to the honorary member of jury to the singer to Michael Zvezdinsky which began to whisper   directly on a scene that wants to be at it the sixth . But on a scene the husband of Lena has risen, and Zvezdinsky retired for side scenes. At Pahomovyh - the building business in Ural Mountains.

  Mrs. Moscow recognised the financial director Sofia Trotsenko. 25 years, two children. Has graduated from the institute cinematographies.

Both winners as an award were going to bring to the North Pole. It has not frightened crowned persons. As Sofia has told to us: And we will go! In Moscow - that now weather is not better, than in Arctic regions!