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Leah all is lost?

Stanislav BELKOVSKY, the president of Institute of national strategy:

bureaucrats and political strategists

1 Were blew. - Russia, and a part of ruling bureaucracy Has lost not. Investors who put up money in Yanukovych. Political strategists who are definitively discredited as corporation.

and Russia has lost nothing, because all the same even at the Ukrainian ultranationalists psychological dependence on Russia is saved. And if Russia offers new strategy of interaction, will clean the people discrediting in Ukraine, - relations will easily be restored.

2. - it is necessary to offer Ukraine alliance strategy. Any strategy which will offer Kiev, will be less interesting to Russia, than that which will be offered by ourselves.

as far as I know, Yushchenko is interested in reconciliation with Putin and does not want to deepen our contradictions.

3. - orange Revolution in Russia is possible. Russian of more Ukrainians are inclined to rebellion for ideals. And if there will be no upgrade of our power if she does not take lessons in Ukraine, it should reap lessons in the Russia.

Michael LEONTEV, the economist conducting TV programs However :

we Will protect now Russian

1. - As we could lose something if to play Ukraine yet did not begin? We did not have there a candidate. Yanukovych was Kuchma`s candidate. And Kuchma not the citizen, not the ally of Russia.

Ukraine is not the state so the states do not live. At such split the country cannot save unity. It is clear to everybody.

2. - Russia should care of one: that in Ukraine blood has not spilt. It is necessary to do everything that process of disorder of Ukraine went easy, in a civilised way. And all.

Thank God, now at us hands are free, we are not connected in Ukraine by obligations with people with whom it is impossible to have affairs. And we will pursue only the interests - interests of our people in Ukraine, which there half. We should protect them.

3. - what else orange inoculations ? The Ukrainian scenario at us is impossible. Our domestic orange which have run on a Maidan, are simply hired there in occupational administration. If these people were going to conquer Russia, they would not run there. But they also are not going to conquer at us. I think, in occupational administration to them still will give out posts.