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And where there are we...

Ukraine has left on the West. Such is the main output of elections in this still to recently brotherly country. The nearest consequences of it is disorder so plainly and not developed Uniform economic space, called to unite economy of Ukraine, Belarus, Russia and Kazakhstan, and, most likely, - the beginning of disintegration of the CIS. Thus Yushchenko`s victory, certainly, serious defeat of the Russian policy.

the most regrettable - that a considerable mite in this defeat was brought by Russia. Ukraine always historically stood between our country and the West. Even the most westernized Ukrainian politicians have been urged to consider this circumstance and constantly to mean the Russian factor. And objectively Ukraine was a quite good field for a thin game of politics in which course Russia had all possibilities to exploit these contradictions.

however we why - that have decided to play roughly, frankly trying to involve Ukraine in the orbit. The West has seen in it threat. Also has responded not less roughly, but as it is visible, more effectively.

now Russia should build the new policy concerning Ukraine. What it will be? Results of elections (rupture between candidates is insignificant) bear: the country is split on two parts. Therefore the temptation is strong to support opposition to the defeated Yushchenko, to help it to increase muscles and to press with its help on the new Ukrainian power. It is rumored that such strategy was discussed with Victor Yanukovych who ostensibly on the eve of elections has visited Moscow.

to Refuse such trump as the powerful Prorussian opposition, certainly, does not follow. But here, perhaps, it is more important to understand: if Ukraine has left on the West where we move?