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On questions of readers lawyer Dmitry Yakubovsky

responds Where GAI officers have the right to stop the car?

Went from Moscow in Peter, and on a line the GAI officer wanted to stop me. Business was at night, the employee is militias or not, I did not know and have not stopped. A leah of the rights I, after all often GAI officers brake cars out of traffic police fast?

the Given situation is settled by the order of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation from 20. 04. 99 years 297 (in edition from 19. 03. 04 years) About the oracle statement on work dorozhno - patrol service of the state inspection of security of traffic of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation .

In item 6. 5. 3 given oracles are provided the right of the employee of traffic police to stop vehicles for check of documents only on stationary fasts of militia, control fasts of militia, a check point.

Besides, it is forbidden to stop vehicles on sites of highways with the limited visibility, before turn, directly ahead of or after lifting tops, before crossroads, transitions, in a zone of railway crossings and in other dangerous places, except for cases of urgent necessity.

on a forehead it has not been written that it is the employee of traffic police! A leah
Can take part the person in civil clothes in analysis of infringement of traffic regulations? Moreover, if he asserts, what I have admitted this infringement already for 9 km?

First of all if the inspector of traffic police is dressed in civil clothes, presence at it a breastplate is obligatory.

it is not excluded that behind a line on which you went, the latent supervision was conducted. Control over traffic with use of vehicles can be open (usual), hidden and mixed.

open control is carried out by inspectors of traffic police on cars and the motorcycles having special colouring.

the latent control - on cars of usual colouring without inscriptions and recognition symbols. It is carried out, as a rule, in the afternoon, and in vesper - only on sites of the roads having sufficient light exposure, width and a good covering. The decision on realisation of the latent control is accepted by the commander of front division or the chief of traffic police about what corresponding entry in postovoj sheets is made.

the mixed control will be organised simultaneously on two cars one of which has special colouring and recognition symbols, and the second - usual colouring.