Rus News Journal

The cock with a dawn will sing - Russia will move forward!

To begin with we were ran on horoscopes and descended to the fortuneteller. But all forecasts were so are eclectic that to us remains nothing, as to go to a cock.

we have found out a blue cock in a zoo. The proud well-groomed bird why - that has refused interview. The cock has looked at us with full contempt and something has muttered on guttural andaluzskom an adverb. On - foreign we did not understand.

in the nearest epicure domestic cocks were, but, in - the first, dark blue, instead of blue, and in - the second, without feathers and did not talk any more. Have called in the Ministry of Agriculture.

- at us cocks are not present! - have reported there. - be converted on an integrated poultry farm.

the countrymen adjoining to integrated poultry farms, well know, whence the wind blows. On a smell of the bird`s manure it is possible to define even weather. If the stench amplifies - means, by a rain. Therefore to find an integrated poultry farm with our sharp journalistic scent has not made the big work. On an integrated poultry farm Peace there lives a half-million of the feathery. Here where we will have a good long talk with cocks in plenty!

But the main livestock specialist Andrey Akatov from a threshold has discouraged us:

- Unfortunately, friends, our manufacture does without a cockerel!

- as without a cockerel?! And love? And spring tokovanie?

- Our hens fine rush and without love. We here hold a couple of cocks. For appearance and verbal dialogue.

the integrated poultry farm was similar to a huge fantastic totalitarian city. Inhabitants of this megacity sat in cages, drank water from autodrinking bowls, pecked mixed fodder from a conveyor tape only to take down norm - one egg a day. And those who does not carry out norm, banish in meat shop. Therefrom still nobody came back. At liberty the chicken lives twenty years. At factory the rare bird lives to three.

life of a simple layer Is boring and unattractive. Unfortunate prisoners of this a female colony often get to soup, and without having learnt pleasure of sex and bitterness of changes. But cocks here feel such shahrijarami. Walk about pompously on cages of a many thousands harem. The chicken - the virgin will attract to such cockerel - employees there and then pull out the lucky woman from a cage and straight on shahskoe a bed, for a barn. Cocks on a seraglio all the day walk up and down and trample down to twenty hens in day! With such especially important person, Peter Petrovichem Petuhovym, it was necessary to us to interview.

... We have heard its modulating voice in street. It was the powerful stately individual perching under a ceiling. The cock looked at us having ruffled up, with any mad courage, ready to break off if it is necessary, on a part.

Poultry-maid Galina Bogdanova fattens Peter Petrovicha not for soup, and for appearance.
- it is careful, it rushes on unfamiliar journalists! - the chief of shop of cellular layers Galina Bogdanova has warned us.

the Cock has made some steps to our party. It was necessary to hurry up.

- that will be with dollar next year? - Having included a dictophone, we have asked the first mercantile question.

the cock has inclined a head, has taken still a step, has turned and suddenly has unexpectedly let out a muddy stream directly to us on heads. Here also have got acquainted...

is anything... - it is guilty Galina Nikolaevna has smiled, stretching a napkin. - if the cockerel seranul on you is to money.

the Rouble will become stronger. The total product will regularly arrive in native land granaries. The welfare of Russians will grow - zastrochili we in notebooks.

- that else Abramovich will buy next year? - We have cried under a ceiling.

Petja zakukarekal, has begun to clap wings and has departed! But soon has crashed down nearby on that place which with us has got acquainted.

- all is clear! - has dawned upon Meshkova. - Abramovich will buy the International space station.

- also there will be rigid enough landing, - the Snegiryov has added.

- the Duma to us has already forbidden to smoke and drink in public places. Peter Petrovich, what interdictions still wait for us?

a cock, pretending that does not hear our question, has run up and vsprygnul on casually passing by chicken. And well it to trample down!

we have grown dark. This forecast has outright disturbed us. In our Duma all is possible.

- a leah Will get our national team to the World championship ending on football?

our Peter Petrovich has taken alarm. The following cock began to come nearer to its beloved with eyes burning from lust. Bloody fight was fastened. Feathers flied, as from the ripped up pillow. At last the lewd rival with a shame has left a battlefield, and without having trampled another`s chicken.

- all is clear! We at last - that will defeat, - with simplification we have sighed.

well, our cock has appeared courageous, hardworking and very decent bird. It will put things in order in the house! Working tirelessly, it and others will force to rise before and to work it is more. Considering its fighting qualities, everywhere we will be waited by victory. More shortly, all at us will be good. Happy New Year!

we WILL measure

Eggs on colour happen from it is dazzling white to dark - brown.

and here some egg of a greenish shade to take better not - it means that the chicken was ill.

the most tasty eggs - 2 - j categories. Because the egg less, the it is more in it than nutrients. And dvuhzheltkovye eggs happen from absolutely very young layers.

a cock diet

Refuse chicken meat

On this New Year`s eve on a table there should not be a chicken meat. Eggs are supposed in any kind. That who cannot live without taste of a chicken, we will advise to eat pair of cubes. Chicken meat in them is not present. The cock will not take offence. It is necessary to put on in bright - yellow, red, blue and shining. When hours will punch twelve, it is necessary to all to utter a crow amicably. It will bring happiness.

cockerels too sometimes castrate. From gastronomic reasons. Then they are called - kaplun. Meat at kapluna gentle and tasty. It fry and extinguish. It is food for the present gourmets. The cock not castrated suits only on soup.