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Business about a bribe to GAI officers will reach Strasbourg?

to reach the European court under human rights in search of truth the Moscow motorist Ildar Bicharov and its lawyer Michael Marov are ready in new year. in detail covered indicative process in which result the Dorogomilovsky court of Moscow has sentenced Bicharova to two years of imprisonment conditionally for attempt at bribery to the employee of traffic police.

however the defendant the fault did not recognise and together with the lawyer has appealed against sentence in the Moscow city court. However there have counted the pronounced sentence fair and have left it without changes.

but according to the lawyer of Michael Marova, protection will be to achieve full rehabilitation of Ildara Bicharova. We intend to appeal against sentence in presidium of the Moscow city court. Will refuse there - we will go to the Sovereign court .

However, Michael Marov does not exclude that it is necessary to search for truth abroad - in Strasbourg - in the European court under human rights. In its opinion, the domestic system of justice is too closely connected with law-enforcement structures that can affect objectivity at adjudication.

the New Year`s offer of traffic police: two penalties at the price of one.