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Cars can be chosen now... On *

there is a category of the gifts, which people give more often to themselves. Cars concern them also. But when you start to admire at show-windows of motor shows blinking by garlands, choosing yourself favourite, a New Year`s four-wheel gift, remember: very soon these cars become old .

In - the first, they since January, 1st will be already last year release. And in - the second, in new year necessarily there will be absolutely new models. Also it is necessary to pay the attention to them. Probably, it is necessary to wait a little - not all novelties will arrive to shop at once after peal of bells.

the main thing - to manage to be defined with model. By the way, now cars can be chosen not only on capacity of the engine, body type, its colour, but even on a smell. So than will please drivers world and domestic car industry?

In the table guiding prices of base models

the Guelder-rose (VAZ): with a body a hatchback (on a picture) a car will appear only by the autumn, the sedan can be bought in the spring.

Odnoobemnik of Mazda 5 contains $7500 seven persons.

$25 500

New Passat it was transformed beyond recognition.

$28 000

Ford Focus 2: In May will replace on the conveyor in Vsevolzhske Focus of the first series, become in Russia the best seller.

$15 500

* Citroen C4 - aroma in car salon can be changed directly on the move. It is enough to insert only into the instrument panel a new capsule with automobile spirits.

$18 000

Renault Logan of the Moscow assemblage can soon become the most mass foreign car.


New Skoda Octavia: quality, security, comfort - new. The price - old.

To be $18 000 such Toyota in Russia or not to be, experts in marketing solve.

$26 000

to Light on new trehe - BMW it will be possible akkurat in the beginning of a racing season.

$35 000

KIA Sportage new generation will appear more close by the summer.

$22 000

Hyundais Sonata promise to sell since spring and at unexpectedly pleasant price.

$20 000

the Concept of new Peugeot 1007 is especially actual at deficiency of parking spaces.

$17 000