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The employee has helped to catch a gang

On me have attacked about nine o`clock in the evening when I came back home. Has come into the entrance. There, as usual, it was dark. Literally at once someone`s hands have strongly squeezed my neck. Having tumbled down on a floor and having put a knife to a throat, the huge muzhik has hissed to me on an ear: the Bough, you want to live? Remove gold!

for fear I have started to resist and shout. The predator, pressing a knife is stronger, broke from me gold rings and a chain. From the further punishment I was rescued by the old woman who has entered into an entrance, having heard from street my shouts. The villain has seized my handbag and has run out from an entrance. From cuts on a neck blood exuded. Fortunately, attacking has not had time to notice an ear ring though ears remained whole... But and a chain (all together costed 26 thousand roubles) I have lost gold rings.

next day the impudent robber... Has called me home! Also has suggested to exchange my documents for $200. I have there and then agreed and at once have called in militia. All days off the ambush from three persons at my place was on duty. Four more operov 9 - go department 4 - j operatively - a search part of Management on struggle against the organised crime of the Municipal Department of Internal Affairs of Moscow sat in the street in the car. But the predator all did not call. And only in two days when nerves at me were on a limit, and field investigators have drunk all tea in the house, my offender has contacted.

- we Will meet at a bus stop, - he has ordered. I have come under cover operov which in a trice have braided the villain directly by transfer of money. It was, the reptile healthy, tried to resist. Therefore at detention it have slightly rumpled.

next day to me have informed: the companion who has plundered me, - comes from Georgia. Call Vasily. A surname sonorous - Ordzhonikidze. To it 38. For the armed robbery can receive from 7 till 15 years.

I have slept off, shock has almost passed. And though the predator has had time to pawn my four ringlets and a chain with kulonom, I am sincerely grateful to children from capital UBOPa which have detained this geek. Anyway, on the nearest 7 - 15 years in Moscow become quieter.


the Robber was not one

- Arrested person Ordzhonikidze has left in deaf refusal - is silent, but our field investigators have revealed and have detained its two accomplices - the man and the woman. And all Trinity - the finished addicts. At an attack on the employee they insured Ordzhonikidze, and then helped it to market extraction, - have informed us in a press - service UBOP of the Municipal Department of Internal Affairs of Moscow.

so by means of Lena field investigators UBOP managed to neutralise the whole organised criminal group trading in robberies. Field investigators assume that it not the first evil deed of a Trinity. If you have suffered from these people, call by phone 200 - 85 - 44.