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Let`s sweep away New Year`s snow

Ancient driver`s povere says - in new year it is necessary to drive on the pure car. A pier if shortly before peal of bells displace from the car snow all road hardship remains in leaving year. However, not to spend behind cleaning all New Year`s eve, it is necessary to arm with the suitable brush which purchase, by the way, becomes a good gift to the four-wheel friend .

1. Varezhkoj with a scraper it is convenient to clean glasses only at small cars.
2. Such brush will approach both for off-road cars and for any city cars.
3 - 4. Multipurpose brushes - scrapers are ideally suited for srednerazmernyh cars.
5. A special scraper for mirrors.
6. A brush - the veteran: does not break seven years and fine hides in pockets of doors or under a seat.

the Choice is simple

On any car market or in the big autoshop to you will offer from tens various brushes for clearing of a body of the car of snow. Despite identical forms, to work they will be on - to a miscellaneous. That is why to choose a brush follows, being guided by quite concrete reasons.

a brush as the good weapon, it should be effective, reliable, easy-to-work and conveniently lie in a hand.

And for a jeep the special scraper with the sliding handle - Sliding " is necessary; a broom For the big cars.
to Owners of new cars the special attention needs to be converted on softness of a bristle of a brush. It should not be too elastic, differently on the polished surface of a body there are traces, too soft spasuet before the packed or melted snow.

not superfluous with small effort will pull about a bristle - on a case if it is badly pasted. Is better to stop the choice on a telescopic brush. It and in a luggage carrier Oka will be located, and with snow on a jeep roof will consult.

three in one

By means of the majority of modern brushes it is possible not only to clean snow, but also to chop off ice, and to drive from the car water. Despite big enough sizes and the high price of such product, it will justify itself, at least because separately the brush, a scraper for ice and a scraper for water removal will take practically as much places, but will never lie in one place.

it is small, yes it is daring

On even a brush three in one it is powerless against the ice which has held down lateral mirror. Therefore in a makeweight to the superweapon buy small, in size with a palm a scraper. We assure, you will use it even more often, than the big brush.