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Planet axis has warped?

Tysjachekilometrovyj a break in earth crust, the most powerful pushes, a tsunami - scientists try to understand the reasons of so scale affliction and to estimate consequences.

- we consider change of rotational speed of our planet as one of the possible reasons of tectonic cataclysms, - the deputy director of Institute of physics of the Earth of the Russian Academy of Sciences Alexander ponomarev has declared.

- the axis of the Earth was displaced, - assumes Entso Bosh, the director of National institute of geophysics and volcanology of Italy.

in what here business, at once to find out it will not turn out: to estimate change of speed and a warp the most precise measurements be required. However, according to Phillip Mashetelja, the director of Institute of the Earth at the French university Monpele, the scientists voicing similar hypotheses, confuse the reasons to consequences.

- Yes, - tells Mashetel, - rotational speed of a planet could change. But from what? Also explains: from the top robe is a layer which is under a bark, the piece has broken away and has fallen more close to a kernel. As a result the Earth as if the figure skater who has pressed hands to a body, has twirled faster. But it already a consequence. And displacement of the tectonic plates which have called earthquake, has been generated by the failed piece.

according to the scientist, far back in the past rotational speed of a planet changed some times. For example, 530 million years ago in a year there were 420 days, and in days on 21 hour. Such was and 400, and 180 million years ago. Also it is not excluded that the present cataclysm is the beginning of the next dispersal.

than to us the failed piece threatens? New cataclysms, frightens Mashetel, up to displacement of continents.