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Eyewitnesses tell: Water pursued us as if death

Yesterday in St.-Petersburg the plane from an affliction zone has landed.

Natalia KUZNINA, 28 years, the homemaker from Petersburg:

- We had a rest with the girlfriend on Phuket. In that morning we had breakfast and have gone on a beach nearby to hotel, there were 9 mornings, - Natalia Kuznina from Petersburg tells. - only were arranged on chaise lounges as water has suddenly started to leave. As if outflow was, only very fast. The sea has left where - that of metres on 500, boats have appeared at the bottom. Thais have taken alarm, have cried Gou, gou! also have run in jungle.

in our company there were 12 persons. Russian, Croats, Serbs, Slovaks. We at all have not understood that we are threatened with danger. And here suddenly from the sea water, the whole raging stream has gone. In several kilometres from coast there was a white yacht. It very quickly bore directly on us. We have abandoned things, I have seized only phone, and we have run in jungle. Our slavonic mentality was very much showed: we kept group, helped each other. First of all rescued children, men supported women. When in jungle I have strongly cut a foot, guys have run up and began me to help. And Chineses and Japanese were everyone for themselves, ran to trees, helping nobody, if only to escape.

water quickly has caught up with us: at first it was knee-deep, then on a belt. At the woman from Montenegro the child has twirled in a stream, but we managed to get it. We have got on a mount which and has rescued us. I have called at once to Russia. The consul has then told that it has helped us: rescuers from the helicopter have marked my signal and have pulled out us.