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Five vital issues about rest in the suffered areas

1. What has washed off in ocean?

On a resort Phuket the western coast of island, in particular area Potong - a scourge where the most popular hotel among Russians " is located has most strongly suffered; Le Meridien . The wave dared all shaky bungalows located directly at water, has come to the hostels located in 200 - 300 metres from coast, and has filled in their ground floors.

on Shri - Lanke the elements have struck both on the tourist south, and by northern part of island which is supervised tamilskimi by separatists.

on Maldives, according to tour operators, waters of a bungalow of large hotels only being at an edge which have been partially deluged have suffered.

2. How much Russians have suffered?

While it is known only about one lost Russian - 33 - the summer Muscovite Oksana Lipuntsovoj who had a rest on a resort of Duangchet - rezort on island Phuket in Thailand. At the same time till now it is not known about destiny almost our 120 compatriots who had a rest in Thailand. They while at all are not registered in missing persons. Tour operators only carefully declare that cannot contact them. With mobile communication in this area the big problems: the tsunami has taken down three telephone towers which are ensuring functioning of the cellular. Thirty Russians who had a rest on the Thai resort of Lanta, have found on a hill where they escaped from a huge wave.

during act of nature in Thailand wounds have received 8 Russians. Medical aid (as tourists have been insured) is rendered all of them. Our compatriots who had a rest on Shri - Lanke and Maldives, have not suffered.

3. How to be that who has reserved vacation packages?

From December, 28 till December, 31st from Moscow should take off six charters to Phuket (all about 1800 tourists). However leading tour operators across Thailand have made decision to cancel celebratory tours and have suspended the further sale of vacation packages to Phuket before conditions normalisation in region (it is a question of a month, and even two).

With Shri - Lankoj a situation even more confused: till now while it is impossible to estimate a damage which was put by elements. While flights to local resorts from Moscow do not go. Though, probably, tomorrow the message will be already normalised.

On Maldives, according to tour operators, elements consequences are almost liquidated.

4. A leah will return money for refusal of tour?

As a tsunami, earthquakes and other acts of nature fall under concept a swagger - a major money for the handed over vacation packages the companies does not come back. However, yesterday the largest tour operators across Thailand Natali - tour and Tez - tour like would make decision to return money for burnt down vacation packages to Phuket.

will receive however them it is problematic enough: for this purpose agencies should agree with carriers and hotels in which there were reserved rooms. And those can and to become stubborn .

5. A leah it is necessary to expect new cataclysms?

As the area of Indian ocean is considered seismodangerous new tremors are not excluded within the next few days. However, they will be not so such force as Sunday, and will not lead to tsunami occurrence.

however as have declared in Rossanepidemnadzore, in the areas which have suffered from elements epidemics, first of all intestinal infections within the next few days can flash: a cholera, a hepatitis And, a belly typhus, and also a malaria - after all water is polluted. In the nearest half a year doctors do not recommend to tourists to leave in these regions.