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Oksana Lipuntsovoj`s who have lost in Thailand mum: the Daughter has told that the sea there the wonderful...

- you do not know, what with my grandson Artemom, son Oksanochki? - Crying, has asked Vera Petrovna. - Any there are no about it news! Only would be live! My God, me till now it is not believed!

as I did not want to release them, heart was not on a place! And Oksana`s husband, father Artema, too was against they went. Dissuaded supposedly have a rest where - nibud nearby. But Oksana dreamt to visit for a long time on these islands, its acquaintances there were, praised. It long prepared for a trip, with good mood left. And Artem was happy.

but it is literally next day as it with Art capacious has left, I have started to be cleaned at home, and at me all in apartment flies! Pictures from a wall by itself have fallen, glass, their covering, has broken. The ware fell! To me so it became bad, such terrible presentiments! But a day before tragedy of Oksanochka on mobile me called, a voice cheerful, has told that have a rest remarkably, the sea wonderful, want to go on excursion. I did not begin it to speak about the fears not to upset. Bad thoughts has driven away. And here as declared on the TV that there earthquake, me became bad! I call on Oksanochkin mobile, and there someone a beret and in Thai language quickly - quickly something tells a tube. But I did not believe, what`s happened something bad!

- who has informed you on tragedy?

- Anybody has not called me - neither from the Ministry of Emergency Measures, nor from embassy. And was stirred, hoped for a miracle. I constantly look news. I was called by the sister, has told, heard that Oksana was lost. Now I was convinced itself. Last has learnt.

- you are going to leave to Thailand?

- Oksana`s Husband now something tries to solve, I should talk over with it.

- Where Oksana worked?

- It the homemaker, was engaged in the house.

- at Oksana son Artem one?

- Yes, unique. We pray, that it was live!

- Oksana at you a unique daughter?

- Is not present, there is still a son. But to lose children... Excuse, I cannot speak any more, with heart it is bad.

all 28 483 persons were lost.
Shri - Lanka - 12 212,
India - 9396,
Indonesia - 5700,
Thailand - 1200,
Maldives - 32.
Total number of victims can reach 57 thousand persons.
Russians - had a rest:
Maldives - 450,
Shri - Lanka - 250,
Thailand - 1200 (120 are not found), are wounded - 8, was lost - 1.