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Konstantin Ernest: New year without Pugachevoj... All the same that a table without champagne!

why before the president - Galkin?

- the Third year successively First channel before a congratulation of the president shows Maxim Galkin`s concert and collects huge ratings. Why Galkin and why all it so look?

- Because at present Galkin number one in the genre. Maxim combines two qualities which cannot be combined. That it does, it both is ridiculous, and is intelligent. And spectators from projects of one genre prefer more intelligent shows.

- new year is a real war between channels. During what time it begins?

- On - to the present - for three - four hours till midnight. It is very important that at this time you show. If you give out even the most desired for spectators a film, you do not have any chances of success. Because people do not have at this time two hours to sit at “ a box “. They fill salad with mayonnaise, do hairdresses or welcome visitors. Therefore everything that goes on the air from nine o`clock in the evening, should suit fragmentary viewing. That the person could on 5 - 10 minutes to join, then to be engaged in the affairs, to return and anything important not to pass. Here if you have prepared for public such show, there is every chance, as a congratulation of the president will look on thy “ to the button “.

20 minutes which solve all

- Why all channels compete, at whom exactly will look the president?

- That is why that if a congratulation of the president will look at you, most likely, and after peal of bells spectators remain on thy channel.

- so after all the majority not one “ the Spark “ look, and skip from the channel on the channel...

- Certainly, fondly to count that spectators will look “ New year “ on one channel. Unless those who in 0. 00 hours it was put to champagne as last blow on own liver and a head. And all the others how thy New Year`s project was good, all the same will take a walk by buttons. But it first 20 minutes. Also it is necessary to make so that, having taken a walk, spectators to you have returned. They - that remain up to the end. To one o`clock in the morning cargo of the drunk and eaten declines the people to a constancy.

- also what it is necessary to show these first 20 minutes?

- Has put at all in actors. First 20 minutes to spectators “ is on sale “ atmosphere. It is necessary to show that a feast - it at you.

- that is without a difference, whom when to show?

- With a difference, certainly. In the beginning it is important not “ peremodnit “. To begin with teenage substitutes it is impossible - here a place for Alla Pugachevoj and Lvu Leshchenko. Because skeleton of audience of the first hour are spectators from 35 and is more senior. Then it is possible to pass and to less classical actors.

spectators “ Sparks “ have matured

- As far as I know, actors at you and on “ Russia “ will sing almost same...

- With “ Russia “ we this year agreed on repertoire that was not on two channels of the same songs. Business is not has reached division of actors - them at all so much, but here Alla Pugacheva, for example, will sing only on the First channel.

it is essentially important, that in New year on the channel there was Pugacheva?

- Well same tradition some kind of: where Pugacheva? What will sing? How looks? After all salad olive - not unique salad on light, but we eat it for New year. Or here champagne. The majority of people basically does not drink it, but for New year - it is obligatory. Same a complex of sacramentals and to see Pugachevu - one of them. Paraphrasing Innokentija Annensky, “ Alla Borisovna is our all “.

is a sacramental for spectators, which for 40.

- they basically also look in New year the TV. Audience “ Sparks “ recently has strongly matured. The youth does not sit any more at this time at “ a box “ - they leave on a visit, walk, on the TV it to spit. So we do an emphasis on spectators after 35.

Secret of success of Serdjuchki

- a leah Is actors without whom New year is impossible?

- Yes, but at each channel it is the actors. At the First it is same Pugacheva, Rotaru, Valery, Leshchenko, Kobzon, Leontev, Gazmanov... Is young, but acquaintances not only youth “ manufacturers “ Gljuk`Oza. To list all there is no sense, but promise that we will have a complete set “ a buffet “.

- And can name actors whom it is unexpected for you have got to this classical irreplaceable “ a holder “?

- Several years ago it was impossible to present that Verka Serdjuchka, it Andrey Danilko becomes necessary attribute of a New Year`s show.

- Than you explain this phenomenal success?

- the Question interesting. Because the Russian audience on a broader scale finds out not clear love to contemplation of freaks (freaks - people of a strange kind, excentric behaviour and it is frequent not absolutely clear floor. - a bus comment ). So Englishmen or Americans love freaks unless dekadentstvujushchie. But at us this love of slightly other nature. I think, it concerns Old Russian roots, to such skomoroshestvu. When on a question “ And why it is pleasant to you? “ the majority responds: “ Well so, porzhat “. And inside at all it is very Russian tradition zhalenija: “ Here it such ridiculous and unfortunate “. - “ And that unfortunate - that? “ - “ Well the muzhik in a woman`s dress - that, happy, a leah that jumps? “

Malakhov loves the people from a skin

- And how leaders for New year get out? Why at you it is Malakhov, Yakubovich, Fomenko and Pelsh?

- On a broader scale New year without leaders is impossible. It is one of the major components of celebratory atmosphere. If it simply concert, will not look it. On a feast there should be owners - that spectators could feel themselves visitors. And our leaders can be such owners who all kind show: “ Look here! We love you! We go all out, that to you it was good! “ they can tell banalities, fall from chairs but if on them it is visible as they try for the sake of hotly favourite spectator it is success.

- and here on NTV “ the Spark “ Oleg Menshikov will conduct. How to you such variant?

- I very much treat kindly NTV. But the spectator has a tradition to look New year on the First or on the second channel. Chances at others practically are not present. NTV can make perfect “ the Spark “ with participation fate - musicians and with very fashionable songs, but audiences on which they count, will not be at TVs. Simply these people meet New year on - to another.

advertising will not be!

- this year New Year`s vacation became for the first time 10 - day. For television it is a gift or a nightmare?

is one of the heartrending experiences who has fallen down our head. Ten days instead of three usual we should show celebratory shows. Thus that January almost does not bring to channels of money. Advertisers fine know: everything that people wanted to buy, they have already bought about New year. So, there is no sense to be spent advertising. We, of course, would like to please spectators, to show new programs and films, but from the point of view of economy it is silly. We do not receive budgetary funds. We exist at the expense of advertising, therefore we should save our main hits.

- that is will not please?

- we Will be. And what to do? It is necessary to make noneconomic decisions. To dance, sing, joke, show new films, and at us leave and “ the Spiderman “ and “ SHrek “ and “ HHH - three iksa “ and some new Russian films. For example, “ the Moscow heat “ just were in film service. After five years ìoğàòîğèÿ on “ Old songs about the main thing “ we again will show a full retrospective show. On the one hand, it is a pity terribly! On it the channel could live month three. On the other hand, that to feel sorry? When to please spectators, how not in New Year`s feasts?

- but spectators, probably, it is possible to please with what advertising on TV after New year will be less?

- Percent on 30 - it is exact.

- and how with New Year`s eve?

- After nine evenings on the First channel there will be some minutes of advertising, and after 0. 00 its hours will not be on a broader scale. Only 20 - second rollers of our general sponsor.

- you spoke about New Year`s sacramentals much. And you have a sacramental which you piously observe?

- As well as everything, I drink champagne, I try olive and around 12 I try to ring round the family. Though last years mobile communication at this time hangs. So 31 - go I will start to ring round earlier. As to work, that is at us one sacramental - to win a New Year`s eve against other channels.