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Good New Year`s songs there is no

a Group the Foot has reduced! is more than you think. They can play an hour and a half, and, quite possibly, you with surprise will notice, all these songs to you, it appears, are well familiar. This year the group marked the 15 - letie and has in view of that let out an album Frank photos where the best songs for the accounting period have entered. And Maxim Pokrovsky following the results of 2004 has appeared hardly probable not most demanded character in domestic show - business: it has obviously decorated the program Last hero (about which has written a song), has revealed as the actor (a film Kulagin and partners ) Here - here will appear on a TV screen in a role of the leader of new transfer, regularly acts in different teleshows and thus does not forget about music. It is inconvenient to tear off and without that occupied person from Prenew Year`s efforts, but all of us have dared. Max has responded on electronic mail.

- Last hero shootings at cinema, career of the TV presenter, the Foot has reduced! - what from listed you could refuse is most easier?

- I have got used to finish all, therefore to refuse something from listed it would be extremely difficult. Naturally, the Foot has reduced! is my basic business, but all the rest is not less necessary for me. Moreover, without a thing the rest, i.e. working only in the Foot has reduced! I zavjal. Fresh injections are necessary to me.

- It is tasty and plentifully to eat; to play fate - n - a beater; to listen to favourite music; To watch TV - that most of all did not suffice on island?

- Me all sufficed.

- a leah you undertook attempts to organise fate - group directly on island?

- If I have made an attempt to organise any creative collective on island it the troupe " would be faster; inexpensive clowns.

- Jeanne Friske - it what?

- Abrupt. Game conducted fairly and openly.

- And here if to collect Last hero from heroes fate - n - a beater (our and foreign) whom you would write down in the command (provided that also you in its structure)?

- The matter is that in the command people absolutely different are meaningly typed. Including loonies, hysterics, sly fellows, fools. Though, of course, not only such... To make people in the team, it is necessary to be able to do it. I am not able. After all the main criterion at such set is not force of the command, and possibility to make inside tasty porridge .

- On a disk on the occasion of 20 - letija gallant you have sung a song Love, girls . And to whom from our or foreign stars you would entrust execution of the immortal hit Ramamba hara mamburu ?

- What for to defile a good song!

- it is interesting, to you on - former set on a press - conferences a question: Tell, and at whom exactly from you has reduced a foot?

- This and some other not less idiotic questions to us set and to the present day!

- a leah Was necessary to you when - nibud to act in Father Frost role?

- Recently on one teleshooting it was necessary. But me it is uninteresting.

- a leah There are good New Year`s songs?

- Is not present. We have a song With   New year, zemljachki! but own song I have no right to name good, either very good, or bad.

- What TV channel you will look on New Year`s Eve?

- We have acted in film in Sparks on NTV and Ren V. I will look, like on work it would be necessary.

- Why in your creativity so there are not enough remakes?

- Because creativity (though it not especially and creativity) many other ensembles is constructed on creation of these remakes. OK them would do adequately. But is not present, it is absolutely insipid also quickly.