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Master Daniljuk has lighted in the Kremlin 35 fur-trees

... I do not know, we have got to what Kremlin fairy tale with the press photographer when have come to be behind side scenes of the State Kremlin palace (“ Gnilushki, leave a platform! - jingled dinamik. - And now Kind Wizards have gone. Music! “) . But any “ powers of darkness “ all time himichili: that the camera objective will mist over, paste in the handle will freeze... And we have found master Daniljuka not at once.

it had the calloused palm which has become permeated with the smell of lubricating oil. It stood under a live palm tree and played with two wrenches: on 12 and on 14.  

- I all of them time with myself a burden, - have explained Alexander Vasilevich. - a leah is not enough in the Kremlin where that will unscrew. I will notice - I will tighten up. But I not only on this business strive...

For greater effect it has dashing slapped directly before my nose the Kremlin certificate - half of crusts occupied it “ vzapravdashnjaja “ a post: “ the Master of a site mashinno - decorative shop artly - a production part “.

- Means, truth say, what change of epoch in the Kremlin - too by your part?

the Master has kept silent. That, probably, meant: and that as!

- And for a long time you so, with epoch - that?

- About, it is special history. It is possible even to tell, a legend...


the Legend about a stirrup and a chain armour

  - There was it in 60 - e years. I then have got for the first time to the Kremlin together with group of military builders. It was possible to us as - that to work in the Nikolsky tower - cleared away it from garbage and any stuff.

When remains a shovel few times tjuknut, something has suddenly tinkled. Have dug more deeply - and there a chain armour, still - and there a stirrup. That here has begun! ponabezhali historians: “ Children, yes you have made opening! “ thanks to finds it was possible to establish time of a bookmark of the Kremlin precisely. Our platoon for it free of charge drove in the Armory Museum.

- Also what, - I am interested, - at each time the scenery?

- Well and as, - the master argues. - Here, we will put, when we prepared to ĠĠV to CPSU congress on the special cart have taken out on a scene Lenin`s five-metre bust, it weighed ton. Before a back is there was a scarlet panel - metal Roman figures hung on cables. And all scene was occupied with a huge wooden design where members of the Political bureau together with Brezhnev took seats.

- And where it is all has got to?

- Scenery has sunk into oblivion. Together with an epoch. However, the Brezhnev`s furniture till past summer still stood in podsobke a palace and when I there came,   heard... Brezhnev`s tussiculation. Sometimes - a jimjams. Now and furniture have brought, and together with it were gone both sounds, and smells of that epoch...

- That remains?

-   How that?   And stars on towers of the Kremlin?


the Legend about the Kremlin stars

- I were detdomovets, parents were lost during war. The boy dreamt to look at the Kremlin stars with half an eye at least. In due course it as - that was forgot partially. Especially when every day you see all five ruby stars.   and about twenty years ago there was a case which has reminded me my dream. We worked on the Spassky tower. And I have reached a star. It has appeared warm though it was cold.

When a star repaired, from it the small slice has broken away. I have carried it home. You will not believe, but it heats me.   and can, even heals. Otherwise why in the 68 years I as a cucumber?

At the time of Brezhnev Daniljuku gave out in day a floor - milk litre. For “ harmful Kremlin manufacture “ connected with installation “ totalitarianism scenery “. Since 1991 do not give out.

- So is not present either busts of leaders, or bulky curbstones, tjazhelennyh “ significant dates “ - tells the Kremlin long-liver. -   and on a back place - an easy cloth. When in a palace we wait for president Putin - on a scene we take out a small tribune on one leg, and for presidium we prepare only one and a half ten   places. Not as earlier when sat down under 200 persons. Even presidential inaugurations - that Yeltsin that Putin - have passed without grandiosity. For what to us milk - that?  

... Music on a scene has ceased, and became audible, as in the mechanism which actuates the huge fantastic hero, the gear squeaks. The master has taken out wrenches from a pocket, pokoldoval minutes five - the scratch has stopped.

- On a broader scale - that epoch - they change, - the master at last has philosophically noticed. - And we - only keep up - we adapt for them scenery...