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With a heart disease it is possible to live about hundred years!

(continuation. The beginning in release for December, 17th.)

My name is Olga. I from Kaliningrad. In 1998 the daughter has had been ill with a scarlet fever. After that, according to doctors, suffers affliction attacks paroksizmalnoj tachycardias. After repeated treatment the rhythm was restored. Now to it of 13 years. All like is quite good, but from time to time the girl complains that heart skips ...

- your child should pass electrophysiological research which will allow to establish, what is this a tachycardia, whence it occurs. If attacks happen often do not postpone inspection on then. After all there are very dangerous versions of a tachycardia - zheludochkovaja, for example. Electrophysiological research can be spent and in Bakulevke, and at you in Kaliningrad.

Margarita Vasilchenko, Ryazan. I wait for the child, pregnancy term now about 3 months. It would be desirable to learn, it is possible to reveal before sorts, a leah will be at the child of heart troubles. At me the father very has early died of an extensive heart attack, and I am afraid that at us as regards cardiology not so good heredity.

- Inspection of pregnant women about, a leah can be at the child a congenital heart disease, really exists. We do it. With the help prenatalnoj kardiografii.

If it will appear that the child has any problems with a heart doctors should know it that at sorts to accept various security measures. Kids with zhizneugrozhajushchimi heart diseases we now quite successfully operate from first days of life.

Faina Romashina, Ivanovo. I had frequent heart attacks, even the consciousness was lost. Half a year back to me have put kardiostimuljator, but the status has not improved, on - former frequency breaks. Even I am afraid to go out of doors one. And doctors say that there`s nothing to be done: age big (me 71 year), and a cardiac muscle weak.

- Usually in such cases when put a stimulator, it is possible to pick up good antiaritmicheskuju therapy. You should be treated permanently, that uredit this vibrating aritmiju. If it not urezhaetsja then we do such procedure - radio-frequency ablatsiju.

you should raise the question about more intensive treatment. Let your cardiologists will think, what scheme of reception of preparations will appear optimum. It is assured, you can be helped. Variants of good medicinal therapy - weight.

Vyacheslav Grinkov, Ekaterinburg. To me of 49 years, the major of a stock. I suffer affliction vibrating aritmiej. To destination the cardiologist I accept alapenin. But at differences of weather the status worsens. Perhaps it is better to me to put defibrilljator?

- Implanted defibrilljator - the additional device, actually - a foreign matter for heart. It already at the worst, if yours the motor will not give in to other treatment. From bad weather and to healthy people not on itself.

At vibrating aritmii (from which the person till hundred years can live, notice!) Most important correctly to pick up therapy. However, at blinking there are dangers: tromboembolija, for example. So it is necessary to accept anticoagulants - the means reducing coagulability of blood. A leah


Well works yours a motor ?

1. 30 seconds do inclinations forward, without bending knees, getting finger-tips to a floor. The norm for men to 45 - 50 years - 20 times, women - 15 times, for men is more senior 50 years - 12 times, women - 10 times. Were in time?
yes - 0, is not present - 2

2. Through pair minutes after exercise count pulse. Your result is less than 100 blows in a minute?
yes - 0, is not present - 2

3. Can stay minute on one foot?
yes - 0, is not present - 2

4. Walk upstairs on the second floor. Count pulse. The quantity of warm blows in a minute should not exceed a difference between number 180 and your age. Have kept within?
yes - 0, is not present - 2

5. How much can quickly walk around a room. Stop, count pulse. It keeps within a difference between number 180 a minus your age?
yes - 0, is not present - a leah 2

you agree with such statements?

6. The last couple of years of health I do not complain. If I will pick up cold I am sick not longer weeks.
yes - 0, there is no saying - 1, is not present - 2

7. At me normal weight of a body.
yes - 0, it is not assured - 1, is not present - 2

8. Arterial pressure at me in norm: at rest does not exceed 130 (140)/ 80 (90) mm hg
yes - 0, not always - 1, is not present - 2

9. I sleep always strong, it is not less 6 hours a day.
yes - 0, not always - 1, is not present - 2

10. Near relations did not have heart attacks, diseases warmly - vascular system.
yes - 0, I find it difficult to respond - 1, is not present - 2

11. Not less often 3 times a week go in for sports or actively I move.
yes - 0, sometimes - 1, is not present - 2

12. At least few times in a week I eat fresh fruit and vegetables. I limit consumption fat, sweet.
yes - 0, not always - 1, is not present - 2

13. I do not smoke, I drink no more than 2 - 3 cups of coffee in day, alcohol - it is moderate, not more often once a week.
yes - 0, not always - 1, is not present - 2

14. After an unlucky day on work as evening of the house I have a rest and I relax at least hour or so.
yes - 0, it is rare - 1, is not present - 2

15. I try not to clash, and if disputes arise, I try to resolve them at once, instead of to tighten.
yes - 0, sometimes - 1, is not present - 2

16. At an easy indisposition I am treated by folk remedies, without resorting to strong preparations.
yes - 0 as it is necessary - 1, is not present - 2

from 0 to 10 points. You concern health carefully, and consequently it at you in a full order. In the foreseeable future warm illnesses do not threaten you.

from 11 to 19 points. Something you not especially care of the the flaming motor . And it is vain - spare parts to it is not on sale. So go on foot more, try to eat correctly and on everyone the fireman make an electrocardiogram.

from 20 points in and above. Most likely, yours heart and vessels already now in danger! Yet there was no misfortune, be urgently converted to the cardiologist and pass full inspection.