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People who have surprised us

- a background - 2004

it has on New Year`s Eve appeared that now it is possible to honour on a mobile phone! Simply to type wap. Or pda. Etak it will be soon possible though on iron to read us. And it is excellent: in any ways we are torn to you, the reader if only it was convenient you. Subscribe on - you will be convinced itself!

President Putin

on a press - conferences have subjected Our president to powerful test - in a hall have appeared the girl in a jacket and a microphone.

however gross national product with honour left a trap: Give a microphone to that girl in a red jacket. It is pleasant to me more! - he has safely told. Study, Filja! The policy is not show - business. On a floor-mat you will not leave!

the Four-leg cock

In Irkutsk a drama: chickens have pecked a unique four-leg cock in Russia. Well the non-standard gentleman was not pleasant to layers. Also has gone on a broth.

it is good that was at the poor creature of 4 feet, instead of 2 heads. And that and chickens in soup have pleased. For attempt at a symbol of not simply future year, and the whole country.

Leonid Brezhnev

to Estonians was possible to establish connection with a next world. Leonid Ilich posthumously (!) Became there the person of one of the cellular companies. The unique voice the Secretary general warns careless clients about penalties. That is in 13 years Estonia has reached that the party word should be born in weights. And we - that not so believed in jokes about Estonians...

Rumaisa the Sheikh

the tiniest inhabitant of the Earth has left one of these days the American maternity home: Rumaisa was born with weight 244 grammes (its little sister Hiba - on 30 grammes more hard).

But it is not necessary to look at microweight of this surprising gift by New year. The main thing that mankind became on two pretty girls more!