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And not the such saw cocks

Dormidont National, our poet from a plough Gathered, to sum up the competition the Dark blue cock at one go - but not here - that was! Letters privalilo so many that to re-read all of them - already great work. So adjusted totals - ahead.

As enthusiasts of the poetic competitions, the first part ", probably, remember; the Cock demanded to finish four Dormidontovyh of an impromptu. And to open their secret we while pogodim - there it is a lot of right answers so, the lot will interfere with definition of the winner.

however to hide from attention of readers witty answers to the second part of competition at Dormi of patience is not present. There it was offered to compose independently a quatrain to What cocks in Russia to live well . Having prevailed against two bags with letters, Dormidont has solved: and I will publish - ka I a part of disassembled mail.

many, for example, the reader - poet S.Lavtsevich from Irkutsk, are adjusted critically:
In Russia cocks full
Dream nurse also hope,
But well that lives only,
Who the beak always downwind holds!
V.Spirin from Ekaterinburg safely scourges oligarchs:
How not to be proud of cocks,
That bought up Russia with giblets,
Rattling on each bend
Artificial limbs from Faberge!
(By the way, in not worn out opinion of reader T.Nasikap from Dorogobuzha, from eggs Faberge chickens Faberge should vylupljatsja. But it to a word.) Oligarchs has selected a target and A.Vasilev from Ufa:
That was not in a hen house,
That is joyful doubly:
the cock rich
In " Sat; Sailor`s Tishin .
Sahalinets V.Logvinov goes further in charges, and that fact that we print its verse, there is the best proof of presence of a freedom of speech in Russia:
Chicken - Russia has sat down under a porch
And has taken down splendidly gold - egg.
that egg was stolen by cocks from the Kremlin.
who well is to those at a wheel!
And here from V.Vlasova`s verse from Soligorsk suddenly povejalo reserved sexual force:
Leaving a neighbour`s hen house,
Our cock, having reddened, has whispered:
you me, the Lord, excuse,
I a little at you have left tracks...
I.Kunichkinoj from Krasnodar has more close appeared a subject of love nonconventional:
the Blue moon -
Sang two kapluna,
And two klushi -
Songs tatushek .
O.Kondratyev from Vladimir has decided to be converted to a rare genre of fantastic verses:
Think on New Year`s Eve,
All country, desire,
That the fried cock
pecked Us in advance.
Well also what it will be for the country such? One is clear - not Russia it will be!
Ostrosotsialnuju a subject were mentioned by K.Verbitsky from the item New Tsimljansky:
Cock a foot
Yes half-banks,
But in the refrigerator -
One Galinas Blanki!
It is sad... Also it is not necessary for optimistic end. Perhaps, the most patriotic and multi-colour (as the Russian flag) left a verse at V.Tretjakova Lipetsk:
That fire of changes has not gone out
And we saw more perfect,
This time the cock
Colours white, dark blue, red is necessary to us!
It we also will finish, having wished all a good New Year`s feast and having promised to bring adjusted totals in the first numbers fatties - 2005 !