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The reader has rescued 90 - the summer hermit

Fedosija Laptev has responded to a casual call

Seven and a half hours has spent on a floor 90 - the summer inhabitant of Samara Julia Stepanovna Kuznetsova. In five o`clock in the morning the old woman has slipped and has fallen in a corridor at an entrance door. To rise the elderly woman has not managed. In the dark it long could not orient and has reached phone only about nine o`clock in the morning. Shivering hands has typed the first figures... The casual call has got to apartment Fedosii Laptevoj.

the Woman has dialled casual number

- I have fallen and I can not rise, - Julia Stepanovna has told in a tube. - since five mornings I lie on a floor in one sabanon, has terribly frozen. Has forgotten phone of the son and has typed figures at random. Help, please!

Also named the address.

- My God, the grandmother lies on a floor four hours! - Fedosija Ivanovna was terrified and has rushed to call in all services what only have come to to it mind.

Fedosija Laptev could not remain indifferent to another`s travail.

But in fast to the woman have explained: It not our profile . From phone 02 samarchanku have sent in local police station. And in ROVD October area the rescuer and has not phoned: phone has been there constantly occupied... Then the sympathetic woman has learnt in help phone of regional administration and has begun to finger officials. The first question which to it was set by servants of the people, samarchanku has simply stunned: And how it you have learnt our phone?! having listened to explanations and the call reason, employees of administration have promised to take measures. But the helpless woman and remained to freeze on a floor...

with last hope to the aid of Fedosija Ivanovna has called in edition Journalists have called rescuers, but have just in case gone to the specified address. A leah is not enough that...

To the aid nobody has come

Our driver Valera drove faster Schumacher: from edition to the house 26 along the street May Day the flied neotlozhka - correspondents. But at an entrance on the fifth floor us has met... Fedosija Laptev! It has appeared that this remarkable woman, having called in has not forgotten about helpless babulju - on the way for work she has decided to visit, how are things for the woman calling in its apartment. From - for doors groans were heard: Please, please... Oh... Oh... On hours - 11. 30 Really for six and a half hours so anybody also has not responded to the request of the grown weak pensioner?!

we wait for rescuers, discussing with Fedosiej Ivanovnoj an unpleasant situation... On our conversation there are scared neighbours from the fourth floor - mother with a daughter:

- Oh, it is Julia Stepanovna. It already some times so fell. Once has all night long lain, and in the morning I have heard knock, have risen, and then rescuers called, - Masha tells. - this grandmother 90 years, she lives one. Children to it suggest to move for a long time to them, but she why - that refuses...

Fedosija Ivanovna, having passed responsibility for the casual acquaintance in reliable hands apologises and escapes for work. And we already almost on - neighbour`s even wait 40 minutes for rescuers...

a door have opened montazhkoj

Again we dial number of service of rescue.

- yes you that! I personally was to this address hour back! - one of rescuers on that end of a wire speaks. - the fifth floor, a wooden door. In apartment there was a son of this woman. He has put it on a bed, and we together left, it at me has closed a door!

- know, us here six persons, and all of us well we hear groans of the grandmother: she asks to open a door and tries to reach the lock...

and here me has lighted up:

- it is visible, after your departure it... Again rose and has fallen!

in the second time on a call rescuers Alexey Regetsy and Ramil Musakaev have left. They it is masterful have unbent the lock montazhkoj. The woman in one sabanon lay directly at an entrance door, and the stick nearby rolled... Rescuers have lifted the frozen woman from a floor and have carefully laid on a bed.

However, to be glad for elderly samarchanku stirred a strange feeling. The too long casual rescuer had to call on fast in militia, to officials of administration... It is pleasant that in a city there live sympathetic, kind people - such, as Fedosija Laptev. But it is bitter that in Samara to be kind and sympathetic - a hard work.


Where to call if you have got to a misfortune

Regional poiskovo - a life-saving service - bodies. (8462 33 - 55 - 14.

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