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The suspicious passenger have landed from the plane

to Fly with the woman very similar on the shahid anybody in salon has not risked

At the Samara airport Kurumoch on October, 7th there was an alarm. Flight 358 Samara - Moscow airlines JUtEjr should take off exactly at 20 o`clock 5 minutes Moscow time. Passengers have passed examination, all was in a full order, and landing aboard the plane has begun. The conflict has begun that one elderly woman, the gipsy, has taken another`s place. But here the present owner has come into salon and has asked a lawful place to release. Not here - that was - the woman has flatly refused to be relocated. After a series of mutual revilings air passengers have begun hot skirmish. But all suspicion has started to call why - that the gipsy - its wide multilayered skirt and stomach strange acting forward has suggested an idea passengers: Under such clothes it is possible not only Shahid`s belt to carry by, and the whole arsenal! the begun to panic people were calmed even by that the woman not one flied, and with the grandson - the one-and-a-half-year-old child.

- and what such reason can be at it not to change at all?! - Someone has distinctly muttered...

after that to fly to Moscow anybody any more did not want. And the commander of crew has decided to remove far away from a sin the strange passenger from flight. The service of aviation security of the airport has repeatedly looked through all passengers, luggage and plane salon. So always do, when from flight someone remove. But dangerous subjects have not found, and through two and a half an hour all vigilant citizens have returned to salon. Already without the gipsy.

and the woman - the panic reason - after careful examination and conversation have decided to send to Moscow following flight. Till the morning the grandmother with the grandson have placed in hostel.


As have informed in a press - airport Kurumoch service, ... As a result of the given incident all passengers of flight Samara - Moscow are safely delivered to destination. At the international airport Kurumoch additional measures for maintenance of aviation security are entered. Already at an input in air terminal all passengers pass through a special framework, and things pass through introskop. Since October, 1st, 2004 additional measures are entered at preflight examination. Besides, at the international airport Kurumoch the system profajlinga - the person psychological " is entered; estimations the passenger and, in case of need, conversation with it .