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At kiddies the diagnosticheskijtsentr

the New polyclinic will be similar naskazochnyj a palace

Many years it settled down on the ground floor of the five-floor house pobolshoj to Vlasevsky street. But one and a half years ago to polyclinic peredalinedostroennoe a building in the street Herman. The three-storyed house have completed and dazhezavezli furniture and the medical equipment.

- before opening of polyclinic with the diagnostic centre remained schitannyedni, - Alla Ivanov has informed its director. - It is necessary to mount the equipment and to place furniture.

very soon here will accept small patients from city centre, Kolmovsky, Shchusevsky and Pskov microdistricts, and also from settlement Volkhov . The new medical institution can prinimatne only children attributed to it, but also children of all regional centre. The polyclinic is calculated on 14 thousand children and teenagers is elderly to 18.

the Convenient entrance to entrance doors and parking for carriages navernjakaoblegchit life to young mums. Inside each office is painted in svojjarky colour that the child felt comfortably even if it is sick.

in the large diagnostic centre parents now mogutzaranee to learn about predispositions of kiddies to those or inymzabolevanijam. Also the rehabilitation block Here will settle down.

- the basic our pride is the regenerative centre with bassejnomdlja children of the first year of life, - Alla Ivanov has told to the correspondent. - such helpless malyshejosobenno it is difficult to nurse. Besides, with the help sovremennogooborudovanija experts can do to children difficult procedures iobsledovanija. For example, ultrasonic of heart and bone system. Vdrugih polyclinics such it is impossible.

it is concrete

the Unique equipment which will appear in polyclinic:

- the device is intended Miograf for recording of muscular reductions dljaissledovanija the central nervous system.

Elektroentsefalograf - the device intended for measurement and check in izmenenijraznosti of potentials of electric field of a brain.

Ingaljatory - the medical office equipped with equipment for carrying out of inhalations. Inhalations appoint the patient for improvement of bronchial passableness, razzhizhenija mokroty, struggle against an infection of respiratory ways.

what experts will appear vnovoj to polyclinic

the Bus 11 to ost. Cooperative street . Daleepeshkom on Cooperative street.
the bus 4, 9, 14, 19 to ost. Station . Further by a trolley bus 2, 3, 5 to polyclinic.
a trolley bus 2 to polyclinic.

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