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Cancer we will cure!

everything that it is necessary to know about oncological illnesses, the doctor of the Samara city station on struggle against illnesses of animal items Administrative Natalia KOROBOVA

Who in risk group

tells More often pupils suffer affliction oncology is more senior 8 years. The most widespread oncological the diagnosis which put an animal of this age group, - a mammary gland tumour. And here at young cats and dogs of a new growth happen less often, and usually they are deployed on a skin and in soft fabrics. As a rule, owners notice the firm cone on a body of a cat or a dog, it can be small, as a pea. And the doctor can find out a tumour of an internal only.

how to protect the favourite from an illness

Alas to save the pupil from oncological illness today it is almost unreal. Experts are inclined to blame bad ecology for the increased quantity of such diseases - from it will not hide. On the other hand, long inflammatory processes in an organism also can provoke tumour education. Therefore important regularly to show pupils to the doctor and to treat, if any illness is found out. If the tumour has appeared, it is not necessary to panic. Start to operate! First of all, the animal should pass inspection. New growths happen different, not in each case operation is necessary. There are data that less all is subject to oncological diseases the animals sterilised to first techki.

What leaving is necessary for an animal after operation

Approximately in two weeks to the patient remove seams. If the tumour was malignant after operation spend special treatment (beam, himio - or immunoterapiju). Besides, the animal should pass survey once in 2 - 3 months.

Where to be converted

to Treat the pupil it is necessary only in specialised vetlechebnitse. Unfortunately, in Samara while offer only operations. If thus not to spend specific therapy, tumour removal can even aggravate illness.


- Consultation of the doctor - from 50 to 200 roubles
- the Analysis for definition of type of a tumour - from 350 roubles
- F Operation - from 1000 roubles

Only figures

- At 75 - 80 percent of oncological patients find out a mammary gland tumour. It is treated in 80 percent of cases, even the started.

- at 10 percent of a tumour of soft fabrics. Recovers 60 - 75 percent of cats and dogs if owners are converted in time to the doctor. At the remained 10 percent of a tumour of mucous membranes and a skin. The timely reference in clinic rescues 90 percent of animals.

By the way

Progress has reached and to having a tail

There are all new and new ways of treatment. It depends on the diagnosis. Now actively use ksenovaktsinatsiju. It something like an inoculation, but not a medical preparation, and a tumour of other animal. Ksenovaktsinatsiju apply even at melanome - a malignant new growth of a skin which earlier practically did not treat. Now recover 50 - 60 percent of animals.

the method consists that in an organism of the pupil place gelevuju a capsule. In a month into it enter tumour cages. As donors use specially infected mice. In itself alien cages cannot develop in an organism of a cat or a dog, only in a capsule. It having appeared near to other tumour, the mouse cage starts to allocate antigenes. Already to them the organism of an animal develops antibodies and by that raises immunity to illness. The method detains growth of a tumour for the term up to 4 - 5 years. At photodynamic therapy into an organism enter substance which concentrates in a new growth. Then on it operate with the laser. Only the tumoral fabric as a result collapses. Still veterinary surgeons apply a method immunoterapii and deckman cages. Earlier so treated only people, but now progress has reached and to having a tail. These two kinds of therapy use to increase, for example, a skin after extensive operation.